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4 Ways To Stay Safer At Work

When it comes to your health and safety at work, it’s important to take certain precautions. After all, you might spend 40 + hours per week at work, so it makes sense to do everything you can to steer clear of things that could harm you. Just as it does at home, taking your self-care and wellbeing seriously does take awareness and effort. Here are just a few important ways to stay safer at work.

Ask Questions

When it comes to being safe at work, it’s likely you will need to take things into your own hands. And, though, asking a bunch of questions may not make your work life easier, it’s imperative to be informed about all of the potential dangers in your workplace. Here are some specific questions I recommend asking as soon as possible:

  1. Has there ever been water damage to the building or mold found on the premises?
  2. Has there ever been asbestos in the building? If so, when was it removed?
  3. What specific accidents have happened on the premises over the past 2 years?
  4. What are the statistics for loss of time due to illness or accidents?

Once you get the 411 about the business and the building, make sure to follow up on anything that gets revealed to you. For example, if you find out that you’ve been working in a building that contains asbestos, you could get more information from asbestos specialists or expert mesothelioma lawyers should you think you have a valid health case. This is also the case if you find out that the building has a toxic mold.

Know Your Risks and State of Personal Health

As a part of staying safe at work, I recommend understanding your risks and the state of your health at all times. This is the best way to protect yourself from potential dangers. For example, if you are allergic to certain chemicals or materials, it is important to know that and relay it to your employers as it affects your job. Your boss and co-workers also need to know if you have any conditions that could cause an emergency situation at work. This could be heart problems, allergies, diabetes, pregnancy, severe migraines, or seizure disorders.

Take Mental Breaks and Rest

As you work, your body and mind can become fatigued and lose energy. Unfortunately, this decrease in cognitive and physical energy can cause you to lose the ability to think clearly and perform as normal. If a dangerous situation or challenge occurred while you were exhausted, you might not be able to make good decisions or act quickly. Therefore, it’s important to take care of yourself while at work by taking frequent mental breaks and resting when you can.

You could also opt to use your lunch hour to take a walk, practice yoga, or catch up with a friend over coffee. These practices are all refreshing and can promote mental clarity and relaxation. The important thing is to use your break time wisely.

Suggest Ways to Make Your Workplace Safer and More Comfortable

When it comes to your workplace health, wellness, and comfort, having an organized, and efficient environment is crucial. Of course, you might not get everything changed for the better, but you can at least ask. Things like work furniture, lighting, and having an appropriate break area are all things that need to be up to par. 

If you feel physical discomfort from a hard chair or a badly designed desk, this can have a serious impact on your health and wellbeing. Also, if you notice hazardous things in your workspace, make sure to let your employer know immediately.

Because of the current times we live in, I also want to mention something about pandemic guidelines. Make sure that your employers are compliant with state and local protocols. If they are not, you need to tell someone right away. You have a right to be safe at work and speak up about anything that doesn’t seem right.


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