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5 Areas To Focus On To Look And Feel Younger

A youthful look comes from being healthy inside and out. In other words, focusing on wellness can be a huge boost for your outward appearance. In addition to working on your overall health, there are some beauty tricks that can also help to create a more youthful look. Make this the year to bring your wellness and outward appearance to new heights. To get you started, here are a few areas to focus on to look and feel younger. 


Starting from the top-down, work on creating an appropriate hair care routine for your specific hair type. If you color or highlight your hair, use products that add moisture and integrity to the hair. This goes double for you ladies who have mature hair. Also stick with colors that work well with your skin tone, as this will give you a healthier glow.

 Balayage highlights are a new trend that gives a more natural and youthful alternative to traditional highlights. The technique usually starts away from the roots so you get a natural-looking regrowth. Ask your hairstylist for details and advice about what type of color treatment suits your hair, skin, and lifestyle.

Some hairstyles can take years off of your look, as well. Bangs, ponytails, and flirty cuts can help you appear years younger in some cases. I do also recommend choosing age-appropriate styles that complement your style.


In order to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and youthful, it’s important to have a consistent, quality care routine. This means taking care of your skin, using products you purchase or make yourself. If you have a good budget for this, purchase the best quality products you can afford. Do also make sure you pay attention to the ingredients you put on your face. Expensive doesn’t mean “good for you”.

If you have special needs skin like acne-prone or need deeper cleansing, try a cleansing brush, masks, scrubs, or professional treatments. For best results, consult with an esthetician or skin specialist to learn about your options.

Always choose a day cream with SPF to shield your skin from the harmful UV rays.  This will help you stay younger looking for years to come no matter what age you are now. Apply a little eye cream as well for puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles, as these can certainly make you look older than you are. There are many brands on the market, so do your research and compare some of the top eye cream brands this year


At the moment, thicker and more defined eyebrows are all the rage, as they do create a natural, younger look for everyone. To create this look, avoid over-plucking your eyebrows, and help them look thicker with eyebrow powder or pencil. You could also consider getting a full HD brow treatment, to give your eyebrows a longer-lasting boost. Another treatment trending at the moment is eyelash lift. Fuller and curled lashes enhance your features and give you a more youthful, flirty look. 

As far as makeup, you likely have a go-to look that you wear most of the time. Perhaps, changing things up a bit could give you a confidence boost. This, in turn, just might help you to feel and look younger. Have fun experimenting with makeup and the trends that are current now. I like to look at fashion magazines for inspiration to shake up a tired look.


Assess your level of fitness and time spent exercising. If you aren’t getting at least 30-minutes of quality movement 3 times a week, consider increasing this health staple. Exercise helps you sleep better, improves circulation, and can even boost mood and self-confidence. All of these things are ingredients in a young-looking (and feeling) body and mind. If you need help with what to do or motivation, try online videos or joining a fitness class. 

Things to Avoid

First, as I mentioned above, do take steps to avoid over-exposure to the sun. Getting burned or even sun-bathing for a tan can have horrible effects on the health of your skin all over your body. However, your face often gets the brunt of sun damage because it is exposed more frequently.

Avoid or limit things like caffeine, sugar, cigarettes, and alcohol. Consuming these harmful things every day can lead to premature aging on a cellular level. This affects every part of your body. If you have trouble changing poor habits and choices, consider getting help from a friend, therapist, or even a program such as that found at Drug Addiction Treatment at Renaissance Ranch

One thing that many women do when they start to see signs of aging is trying too hard to look younger. Often, this shows up in their fashion, makeup, and hairstyle choices. Truthfully, wearing clothing, accessories, and makeup that’s too young for you only accentuates the fact that you’re not 20-something anymore.

Pay attention to what is age-appropriate while keeping your personal style intact. If you are clueless about how to do this, consider consulting a fashion magazine, image consultant, or a fashion-savvy friend. It usually helps to take someone with you when you shop. Make sure this shopping buddy knows what looks good and is current on fashion trends.



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