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5 Business Ideas To Consider During The Pandemic

As lockdown restrictions ease and companies begin to recover from trading suspensions, now could be the perfect time to start your own business. Whether you’re an avid entrepreneur, looking for a new job, or interested in launching a side-hustle, there are plenty of opportunities to explore in a pandemic landscape. Here are just a few business ideas for services that are needed in our world now.

Commercial or Residential Cleaning Services

COVID-19 has made individuals and businesses more aware of the need for stringent cleaning practices, which means there will be increased demand for professional cleaning services. Retail environments and customer-facing business premises, in particular, are increasing the frequency at which their locations are deep-cleaned. By offering specialist cleaning services, you can tap into this growing market and establish your business as a local leader. 

Personal Training

Although some people used lockdown as a chance to work on their physiques, many more saw the pounds pile on as they were unable to visit the gym or follow their usual regime. Now, a large portion of the population may be eager to get back to fitness once again. Even though gyms and leisure centers may be amongst the last companies to re-open in some places, personal trainers can operate in other environments. Consider working with clients at their homes, in their gardens, or at local parks. You can certainly practice social distancing to create a safe way to build a business that is in demand.

Medical Storage

In a bid to cope with COVID-19, private companies and government organizations were forced to expand their facilities quickly. As work is still on-going, there is a continual need for medical storage. With a cold room, vaccine fridge, and/or portable refrigeration facilities, you can turn empty space into a secure medical storage area.

Much of the equipment you’ll need can be rented or purchased inexpensively, so you won’t need to invest much to get started. What’s more, you can celebrate the fact you would be contributing to the healthcare industry and the defeat of COVID-19.

Online Tutor

There’s a good chance you’ve spent a significant portion of lockdown online, so you may already be familiar with the tutoring platforms that are available. As children continue to miss out on full-time schooling, parents are concerned about their children falling behind. If you have teaching experience or a relevant qualification, now could be the perfect time to set yourself up as an online tutor.

Additionally, it isn’t just school-aged children that are in need of online tutoring. Adults are actively looking for new learning opportunities, too, particularly with so many facing layoffs and unemployment. By using your professional qualifications and experience to coach others, you can launch your own online tutoring business and help others to succeed. 

Launching Any New Business Now

As existing companies struggle to adapt to social distancing restrictions, new businesses are launching with the new normal already in place. This ensures your business will be perfectly suited to this changing landscape we find ourselves in and able to more easily adjust to the changes to come. 

I encourage you to be creative and think outside the box with any new business ideas. These are just a few ideas that can be tailored to your experience and skill set. Do also think about what you see going on around you. What is lacking in the market right now? What needs have gone unmet during the pandemic? Do you have the ability to change something or fulfill a need? The important thing is to adopt the mindset that this difficult time is an opportunity for our world to be stronger and more equipped for a crisis. You can use your skills and experience to bring something worthwhile to the table.


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