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5 Tips For Navigating Relationship Problems In Tough Times

The past few months in a global pandemic have not exactly been comfortable or easy for anybody. Furthermore, it’s no secret that our relationships have also been under more strain during this time. Some are even finding themselves navigating through a divorce, while others are struggling to figure out how to deal with the new at-home landscape.

All of this change and extra stress has negatively impacted a lot of women, including yours truly. I have definitely seen the strain on my marriage and other relationships. Though we can’t do much to change the current pandemic situation, we can choose how we react to it, as well as take action where needed. Here are some of my top tips for navigating relationship problems in tough times.

Find Inner Peace

It’s often easy to put blame on others for our problems or negative feelings. However, I’ve come to know the importance of looking at myself first and taking responsibility for my own actions, thoughts, words, and beliefs. During this time when nothing seems right or fair, it’s even more important to take care of ourselves by finding peace where we can.

Remember, everyone else has been affected by the pandemic, too, including your partner or spouse. Your partner has his/her own perspective and personal challenges. We need to try to understand that we are all different even more now than ever and have compassion for each other.

Instead of blaming the other person or enlisting unfair expectations, learn how to meditate and calm yourself down when you get upset. You can do so at any time, anywhere, for as long as you like. This simple yet extremely powerful practice can help you calm down, find out what feels good, and let go of everything that you no longer need. 

Invest Time in Yourself

These last few months have been stressful, whether you have been coping with a challenging relationship or not. Keeping at bay stress and anxiety and focusing on your physical and mental wellbeing can help you deal with any situation with a stronger, more positive mindset.

Though we need time to cultivate and balance our relationships, it’s also extremely important to take time for yourself. Find activities that bring you joy and fulfill your creative side. Personal development is imperative for life and relationship balance.

Challenge Yourself with a New Goal

During and after tough times or trauma, it can feel challenging to accomplish anything. That said, it is also a crucial time to stay sharp and in touch with creativity and learning. Taking up a personal challenge is ideal for taking your mind off of money and relationship issues. A new goal just might be the thing that brings balance to your life. Aside from increasing self-confidence, a new venture can help you see your life and relationship in a new, positive light.

Don’t Overthink the Little Things

Small irritations from others and life situations can create quite a bit of stress if we allow them to. This can be especially true when it comes to our significant others. After all, we are doing life together and will have the most opportunity for disagreement.

That said, when we stop overthinking and arguing about things that really don’t matter, we open the door for clearer and more meaningful communication. Try to focus on the solutions to problems by brainstorming together. Remember, you don’t always have to agree on things, but you will need to make room for trial and error as you work through any crisis.

Get Help If You Need It

Depending on what is happening in your life and relationship, you might need some extra help navigating through difficult times. This is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, asking for help is a sign of strength and the willingness to grow.

Consider outside help for a financial crisis, marital problems, and anything that you aren’t able to handle on your own. Because the pandemic has taken its toll on many relationships, you might think it’s time to separate or even divorce.  Seeking a counselor, mediator, or an attorney is a smart move if you aren’t getting anywhere. If you are at a point that you can’t reconcile your marriage, consider a law firm with over 190 years of experience to guide you through the economic, financial, and legal aspects of divorce. 

Creating relationship balance is not an easy task during normal times, let alone living in the middle of a global pandemic. It’s true that none of us have been unscathed by this unprecedented event. The best thing we can do is not give up on ourselves and do what we can to find balance in our lives and relationships. Remember, we are in this together.


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