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5 Qualities Of Independent Strong Women

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Each woman is unique, but I have noticed some distinct similarities among the strong women that tout “I am woman, hear me roar!” One thing apparent to me is they didn’t achieve this state by living a sheltered and perfect life. No, they went through some shit…and they conquered fear, rejection, doubt, co-dependency, and many other not-so-pleasant things. If you’ve been playing around the banks of women’s strength and independence, here are my top 5 common qualities that you can adopt today!

1. Strong women don’t need a relationship to define them.

couple-1030744_640Not too long ago in our history, women were defined by their husbands and the success of their relationship. They were also valued by whether they had children and how well-behaved they were. And, though, this human ideal is still sought out by many women, it is no longer the rigid expectation of the masses to marry and raise a family as the sole praise-factor for women. Basically, women now do most everything that men do and do those things well. This transition took many strong and independent women at the forefront to stand up for our human rights.

2. Strong women take care of their sexual and reproductive health.

couple-731890_640Strong and independent women who are sexually active value their sexual health. Because sexual freedoms and ideals have also changed over the years, women must be very protective of their bodies. They understand the different forms of contraception available to them and make educated decisions about which one to use.  And, unprotected sex is unacceptable. They know just how important std testing is to ensure safety. 

I’ve also not known many strong women who forego regular pap smears and pelvic exams. These screenings are a part of staying healthy and protecting our future no matter what age we are.

3. Strong women are teachable and always open to new experiences.

glasses-272399_640Strong women believe knowledge is power. They remain teachable long after they walk out the high school or university door. I’ve seen an air of open-mindedness with strong women. They are also not afraid to ask questions about things they don’t know about. Though independence is important, these women will seek out others to help them. They invest in themselves to further their careers, businesses, and personal lives. They almost always have mentors and they are mentors to others.

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4. Strong women know their rights in the bedroom and the boardroom.

web-242917_640Thanks to the hard work and sacrifices of women that lived before us, women today have a plethora of their own rights. It is, therefore, our job to know what these rights are and to utilize them. Strong women know their rights in all areas of life, whether it’s in the bedroom, in relationships, on the job, or in the boardroom. Their understanding gives them power. They will not be taken advantage of or mistreated by anyone…period.

5. Strong women understand the power of saying no.

tree-bark-1209874_640Far too many women, even today, feel like it is their responsibility to say yes to every single thing that is asked of them. This “superwoman” syndrome can take over and suck the life out of you.  Strong and independent women know the power of saying no. It doesn’t mean they are mean or uncaring, they just know that taking care of themselves first is the best way to have the strength and energy to serve others and meet their goals. Additionally, there is no excuse or apology for saying no. Because of this, the mental and emotional clutter that comes from being a push over is not a problem for them. 

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Ladies, these are just several of the ways we all can be stronger and more independent. The bottom line is to be yourself and respect that beautiful, important woman you see in the mirror. Each of us has to find our own strength by facing our truth and walking the path that was made for us. Remember, you got this!

Please share your best “strong and independent” woman tips in the comments!


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