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5 Signs Your Vision Might Need Some Help

Eyesight is one of those things that we forget to appreciate and care for at times. Well, that is until you experience a problem. Furthermore, visual changes normally happen over a period of time and can be ignored unless they are bad. However, it’s important to pay attention to your eyes and how well you see in various settings. Some people just have issues at night or when driving, while others have problems seeing things close up. These visual changes can happen due to age, illness, or other environmental changes. Here are a few clues that your vision might need some help.

Frequent Squinting

Squinting is something that a friend or family member will likely notice first. After all, we are just doing what we need to in order to see better. Squinting can help us to focus on objects that are too far or too close by adjusting the amount of light that comes in.  Though it’s a quick fix in a pinch, squinting isn’t healthy in the long run. It’s definitely a sign that you need vision correction. The sooner you see your eye doctor the sooner you can see better and give your eyes a needed rest. He/she will put you through a series of eye tests with Ophthalmic Equipment to determine exactly what type of correction you need. It’s painless and is a crucial part of keeping your eyes healthy and working their best.

Eyes Feel Fatigued or Sore

There’s nothing worse than having sore, bloodshot, and fatigued eyes. This can happen easily if you’re not wearing the right eyewear or it is out of date. Eye strain can lead to other problems like headaches and even infections if you constantly rub them.

When you spend too much time in front of a screen, blue light can become overwhelming for the optical nerve and brain. Fortunately, there are blue light filters and eyewear to help block the damaging components.

Frequent Headaches After Periods of Eye Use

Headaches are caused by many things but can be a sign of eye strain. When they are related to your eyesight, it’s usually because you are struggling to focus due to inefficient correction. You can help this by taking frequent breaks to rest your eyes. I also use a cool compress on my eyes and head to help fatigue and pain. If the headaches continue with rest, do consult your doctor for other possible causes.

Sitting Closer to the Television

There should be a reasonable distance between you and the television, and you shouldn’t have to strain your eyes to see what’s on the screen. If you find yourself consciously moving closer, it might be time for a check-up. You might just need some distance glasses for certain things like driving, TV, and other viewing activities.

Brighter Light Helps

We need light in order to see things clearly. For some people, low lit spaces make it impossible to read or do other activities. This is normally more of a problem as you age. However, too much light could damage your eyes and have the opposite effect. So if you find yourself turning up the brightness on your phone or device, see if there is something your eye doctor can do to help.

There can be many signs that your vision is changing. Pay attention to any changes and contact your eye doctor for a check-up annually. Remember, any immediate pain or loss of vision should be addressed immediately.


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