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5 Spicy Ways To Wear Flannel

Do you have some special events on your winter/holiday calendar but want a more casual look? Believe it or not, flannel may be your ticket to creating a unique and memorable style. This classic winter fabric is ready to look its best when paired with some cool details. You can’t go wrong with this timeless style when you pay attention to the fit and the overall look. There are spicy ways to wear flannel!

Maybe you noticed the big shoulders, extra-long sleeves, and a cinched waist: the look that took over the streets at Fashion Week this season. Well, one of the wardrobe staples that help you to create this trendy oversized look is a flannel shirt. You might remember the 90s surge of the grunge look that often employed the great flannel shirt. And, hey, what’s not to love about them? Oversized flannels are great because one, they’re cute, and two, they’re comfortable. Check out the following ways you can wear your flannel anytime!

Spicy Ways To Wear Flannel #1: With Jeans

Go for layers. Wear skinny jeans, flats or ankle boots, and layer a flannel shirt under a cardigan. You’ll look chic and feel comfortable. Pair a flannel shirt with plain blue jeans, sneakers, a hat and a chunky knit scarf to finish the look.Jeans, ankle boots, a fur vest and a plaid shirt create a perfect ensemble. Black pumps, blue jeans, a flannel shirt and a bright belt create a unique, cool look. If you want to achieve a professional look, wear jeans, ankle boots, tuck a flannel shirt into the jeans and wear a bright blazer atop of it.

Spicy Ways To Wear Flannel #2: With a Skirt

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Wear a skater skirt, and tuck a flannel shirt into it. Complement the outfit with black tights and ankle boots. A mini skirt and combat boots look contrasting yet appealing. If you add an oversized sweater and tie a flannel around the waist, the look is complex and eye-catching. A glam skirt paired with a flannel shirt and a statement necklace may be a perfect option for a night out. Tuck a flannel shirt into a knee-length skirt, add a vivid necklace and finish the look off with a pair of bright pumps.

You may look exceptionally stylish if you combine several trends in one look. Go for a plain black skirt, wear a silk sleeveless top and tie an oversized flannel shirt around your waist. To make the outfit more elegant, add a pair of ankle boots, if you want to look bolder, then opt for combat boots.

Spicy Ways To Wear Flannel #3: With Shorts

Denim shorts, sneakers, a plain white tee and a flannel shirt will create a great summer look. Wear black tights, denim or cotton shorts, ankle boots, a sweater or a shirt and wear an oversized flannel in place of a cardigan. Do you want to create a perfect outfit, which you can wear to the party? The flannel shirt may help you with it.

Wear black shorts, a flannel shirt, ankle boots or flats and tie a silk scarf around the neck. Shorts, ankle boots, a white tee and an oversized flannel, thrown on your shoulders, create a trendy look. Flannel is a perfect choice for a party! If you wear denim shorts with black thigh-length boots, a shiny top, and the oversized flannel shirt, you will rock the party! 

Spicy Ways To Wear Flannel #4: With Pants

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Black pants, black flats and sweater and flannel of a contrasting color will create a bold outfit. Choose leather pants, leather flats, and an oversized tee and unbutton your plaid shirt and wear it open over the tee. Ankle-length pants of a deep blue color and golden pumps may be combined with a flannel shirt, layered under an emerald sweater with sleeves, which pop out. 

An oversized button-down flannel, paired with dark pants, suede ankle boots looks gorgeous. If you add a pop of color, for instance, a tailored coat of a bright color, the look will be chic. Do you plan to go to the brunch with friends? Opt khaki pants, a plaid top, a short jacket made of faux fur and brown ankle boots will top off the look.

Spicy Ways To Wear Flannel #5: With a Dress

A short summer dress, combined with a flannel shirt and thigh-high socks, is a stylish and comfortable look. A tight black dress, black tights, knee-length boots and an oversized flannel will emphasize your beauty and keep you warm during a working day. 

Do you like a sleek look? Wear a knee-length summer dress, tie a flannel in front and complement the look with high heels. You’ll look marvelous!A short dress, combined with an oversized flannel, looks great. You may underline the waistline with the belt. A flannel shirt, combined with sneakers, a long dress, and vivid accessories, creates an appealing look.

Here are some savvy images from Pinterest to give you ideas about how you can wear your flannel all year long. 

A Fall Look Example:


A Daring Look Example:


A Summer Look Example:


A Feminine Look Example:


A Contemporary Look Example:


A Layered Look Example:


A Grunge Look Example:


A Beautiful Look Example:


A Sexy Look Example:


A Festive Look Example:



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