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eat for a healthy and fit body

5 Strategies To Eat For A Healthy And Fit Body

In modern society, women are coaxed by media and fashion to somehow change their bodies to line up with ideals. This often seems out of our control and can even hinder actual health and wellness. The way we view ourselves can damage our collective health in ways that are hard to see in the short term, but completely obvious in the long run. Instead of being shown how to eat for a healthy and fit body, we are seduced by unrealistic goals.

The good news is that nature gives us most of the tools we need to be healthy and keep our bodies in shape. Essentially, achieving a healthy and fit body is about taking back control and loving yourself on your terms. You’re not just a reflection of society’s standards, but your own. 

How Eating Habits Affect the Body

Eating habits can have a tremendous effect on your body in general. You’ll notice if you eat healthily over a period of time, you slowly gain better health and even a more fit body. Remember, the best version of yourself has all the energy and vitality that it needs to exercise and do the things you want.

One of the best goals you can set is to eat for a healthy and fit body. Doing so affects the body in several ways. First, it keeps your metabolism in check so you can maintain your ideal weight for your age. In addition, a healthy eating pattern also keeps your body in balance, such as digestion and blood sugar levels. Ultimately, this helps you stay at a lower risk for heart disease and other serious conditions like diabetes and autoimmune. 

So how do you eat for a healthy and fit body?

Eat A Balanced Diet

The word “balanced” gets misused a lot in nutrition. Balance doesn’t mean a little bit of everything or whatever you fancy. It means getting the right combination of nutrients to support optimal health. Furthermore, this is not the same for everyone. That is why so many women are discouraged when what makes their best friend feel and look like a million bucks doesn’t do the same for them.

There are some nutrition basics that do seem to be positive for most people. That said, you owe it to yourself to discuss your unique case with a doctor or nutritionist. Also, experiment and see what works for you.  Start slowly by adding and cutting out the things that you can. For example, add more fresh fruits and vegetables, and minimize sugar and processed foods. It can also help to add nuts, seeds, and healthy oils. Eating a balanced diet customized for you helps your body get what it needs to be energetic and healthy. 

Minimize or Eliminate Processed Foods

Next, try to cut down or pass on processed foods high in fat, sugar, additives, and preservatives. These not only make removing stubborn fat almost impossible but can cause inflammation, digestive issues, and water retention that can be adverse to your health. Furthermore, they can affect your mental state, making it harder for you to maintain cognition and high energy levels during the day. You may find that your mood declines or you don’t feel as motivated at work when processed foods become a significant share of your diet. 

Drink Enough Quality Water 

eat for a healthy and fit bodyIt might sound basic, but drinking lots of water during the day also has a significant effect on your well-being. You want at least eight glasses during waking hours to help your metabolism and flush out chemical byproducts and waste. Drink more if you exercise regularly or sweat a lot. 

Minimize or Eliminate Alcohol, Soda, and Caffeine

Unfortunately, large quantities of alcohol, soda, and caffeine can dehydrate you, disrupt your sleep quality, increase your stress levels, and impair your digestion. Drinking too much coffee, for example, can lead to insomnia and anxiety. These items can also damage skin and gut health, making your body more prone to infections. If you don’t want to completely stop, try to cut down over a period of time. 

Chew Your Food Well

You can also try chewing your food well and eating slowly to aid digestion and nutrient absorption. Eating too fast can lead to gas, bloating, and indigestion. Chewing well is particularly important when consuming whole foods. Make sure you chew each mouthful of beans or vegetables into a paste before swallowing. 

Though these are some important strategies, I encourage you to learn more to customize your unique eating plan that will help you achieve your goals. It doesn’t have to be a sprint to the finish line either. Make a plan that will help you to go the distance and really make a change that lasts.


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