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5 Tips To Increase Your Motivation To Exercise

Most of us have heard that exercise is necessary for good health, but actually doing it is a whole different ballgame. After all, we have jobs, families, businesses, social lives, friends, etc. to keep us quite busy and, honestly, exhausted. So how do we stay motivated to spend time doing something that isn’t always fun or comfortable? Good question. I can’t answer that for us all, but I will say this: when exercise becomes a part of your lifestyle, it becomes something to look forward to. Read on for some specific tips to increase your motivation to exercise.

Set Attainable, Measurable Goals

If you are new to exercising or if you do not have a solid routine in place. It’s common to set goals too high and do too much at first. This seems like the best way to get maximum results, but it can overwhelm you and tax your body. Try to set goals that are reasonable and match up with your fitness level. Be kind to yourself by celebrating all victories, small or large. Simply starting is something to be proud of.

Another thing is to make sure that you have a tangible way to measure your progress. This doesn’t have to be weight or measurements. Consider how you feel, your strength, and your endurance levels as markers of progression to greater fitness.

Choose Fun Activities

If you are finding it difficult to get motivated, you could be doing things that seem more like work than fun. It is so important to find physical activities that you truly look forward to. For example, if you used to love riding horses, then why not find a stable that offers lessons or free riding? Remember that your exercise doesn’t have to be done in the gym. It just needs to be something that gets you moving.

If you know that your friends love to play a particular sport, perhaps you could join them? These simple things can help you to get moving more and reduce the need to plan an additional workout. Even watching sporting events and sharing that passion with friends can be quite energetic. See what your friends like to do and find interesting MLB odds and other fun things online to expand your physical outings and movement.

Release Past Failures

You might not have been the athlete in your friendship group at high school or college. In fact, you might have been the last one to be picked when playing games. Either way, you have to remember that this was the past. Now your goal isn’t to become a cheerleader and it’s not to win a letter jacket. Your goal is to be a healthier version of yourself. The more you can focus on this, the faster you will meet those goals.

Remember Your “Big Why”

Remember the reason why you committed to working out in the first place. Was it to lose weight? Was it to be healthier? Do you have a big reason that will keep you motivated, like an upcoming event? Either way, staying focused on it will boost your drive to succeed. Keep that goal in from of you by posting pictures or notes you see every day. Can you see why not having a solid reason to workout would perpetuate slacking or disinterest?

Sign Up for a Class

If you don’t like working out at the gym in the general public, consider a small class or start a workout group with your friend. Sometimes having a little structure, fellowship, and assistance is all it takes to create a more solid drive to make changes. You may also find that you have a stronger commitment as you connect to a community of peers. 



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