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5 Ways To Take The Next Step In Your Romantic Relationship

When you have been in a romantic relationship with someone for a while, you may think about what’s next. After all, it’s natural to want more of a commitment from someone you adore. And, if things aren’t exactly what you wanted, it may be time to end things. Either way, it’s important to identify where you are and where you want to go together. Here are 5 ways to take the next step in your romantic relationship.

Take the Next Step in Your Romantic Relationship #1: Date Each Other Exclusively

Though there are many ways to show your boyfriend or girlfriend you are serious, deciding to only date each other is a big step. It says that you value the time you’ve both invested in the relationship and want more. Seeing only one person gives you the opportunity to really get to know each other. It sets the stage for either moving into bigger commitments or ultimately moving on. Make sure you are both ready for this step, as it could cause friction or resentment if you are not.

Take the Next Step in Your Romantic Relationship #2: Live Together

Once you determine that you really love each other, moving in together might be a natural step. Again, this is something that requires much thought and consideration. There are logistical things to plan, as well as emotional. Do you both really understand the significance of living together? This situation will likely bring out the best and worst in you both… this is my experience. Additionally, don’t get hung up on expectations of the future. Just because you live together doesn’t mean it will lead to marriage. And, you know what? It doesn’t need to.

Take the Next Step in Your Romantic Relationship #3: Get Engaged or Married

If you find yourself browsing the most beautiful rings at  https://www.whiteflash.com/engagement-rings/tacori/, you just might be ready to take the engagement plunge. Oh yeah, make sure your significant other is ready to dive in with you. Talk about your feelings as soon as you have them. Don’t wait until some awkward moment to dump a bunch of emotions on him or her. Your willingness to be open will promote the same from your partner.

Engagement Length

Couples get engaged at different stages of their relationship. For some people, a short engagement works best. For others, a co-habitation or an engagement that also lasts serves them well.  There is no real ‘right time’ in a relationship to get engaged. You should never feel like you have to conform to the views of society just to secure a ring on your finger.

Take the Next Step in Your Romantic Relationship #4: Commitment Ceremony

If you don’t believe in marriage but still want to commit, a spiritual ceremony could work well. This is something that can be completely designed by you and your partner. Though it doesn’t have any legal binding, it does create a sense of connection and commitment. Those who choose not to marry or that have been together for a while in a common law marriage are good candidates.

Take the Next Step in Your Romantic Relationship #5: Dissolution

Sometimes, things simply do not work out. This could happen in the dating stage or any one that preceeds. Though dissolution often hurts and creates complete separation, it can be done graciously and with love. The most important thing is that you do what will make you happy. Breaking up is not only an ending but a beginning.

The Legalities

If you are dissolving a non-legal partnership, you should be able to do it without help. Discuss your needs and desires to determine the proper course to take. However, there are crucial financial and legal steps to take to dissolve a marriage, especially if there are children. Get help as soon as you decide to end things for good. Separation can be done without legal assistance in some cases but might help with financial and visitation logistics.

Choosing to take your relationship to the next level requires a lot of thought and personal reflection. Never rush any life-changing decision.  As a couple, you can move forward together no matter what step you are taking.


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