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make a fantastic first impression

5 Ways To Make A Fantastic First Impression

Do you have an upcoming important event or meeting that you want to be your best for? If you must make a fantastic first impression, make sure you prepare and take the appropriate steps. Whether you are interested in impressing a potential employer, a business client, or even a date, you can affect the outcome with a little polishing up and some practice. 

Here are several ways to make a fantastic first impression.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Let’s talk about the obvious. Make sure that you take care of the thing they will see first…your face. I can’t emphasize the importance of skincare if you need to look and feel refreshed and energized. This is especially important when applying for a job or meeting someone on a date. If you look exhausted or emotionally drained, it could be a tell-tale sign that you don’t pay attention to details.

If you haven’t been taking care of your skin, hair, and teeth, now is the time to start. That event will come up fast, so get busy. I recommend investing in quality, natural skin care products or treatments before your event. Choose natural makeup that flatters your skin tone and eye color. Additionally, get in to see your hairstylist asap. Furthermore, a quick dental checkup, cleaning, or whitening will help you to feel more confident and polished.

Be Aware of Your Body Language 

make a fantastic first impressionBody language says a lot about you to whomever you are meeting. Using appropriate body language can show confidence, empathy, compassion, and intent. Using poor or inappropriate body language can show disinterest, anger, mistrust, and other negative vibes. 

I recommend that you do research on the right type of body language for different types of social situations. However, generally speaking, maintaining eye contact, showing openness with arms, and mimicking the other person are good for showing confidence and interest. 

Think About Your Style 

Similar to skincare, your style can have a huge impact on how people see you. Your style can suggest that you are modern, sophisticated, and ready for anything. Or, it can suggest that you don’t pay attention to details and quality. One way to polish your style is to think about the message you want to send. For instance, you might want to demonstrate that you are artistic or carefree. Perhaps looking smart and confident is your goal. Your style choices can easily demonstrate these characteristics. 

Think About Your Wheels 

Your car has the potential to either impress others or make them cringe. Though there might not be anything you can do about the age and model of your vehicle, at least, make sure it’s clean, maintained, and safe. If you are in the market for a new car, choose something that fits your needs and personality. The right car can imply success or that you even have high levels of creativity. 

Unfortunately, people often make snap judgments about someone based on how their car looks. Consider improving your vehicle with the right features. For instance, you can get a Borla exhaust, upgrade the paint job, or add some jazzy details. Whatever you do, make sure it’s classy and quality.

Ask Questions 

Finally,  make sure to ask questions to show interest in the other person, job, or organization. For instance, if you are interviewing for a new job, ask questions about the company as well as the role. It’s another way to show that you are thoroughly prepared and highly engaged. It’s true for social situations such as dates, too. Asking dates will show you are interested in learning more about the person. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps to make a fantastic first impression. In doing so, you can feel more confident about the opportunities presenting themselves, whether they are in your personal or professional life. 


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