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5 Ways To Stay Fit Without Traditional Workouts

Unfortunately, many women opt out of their health and fitness goals due to muscle strain and mental exhaustion. This could be because they are doing too much too quickly and not listening to their bodies. Though I’m all for physical fitness, I do advocate a method that does not take more than it gives. I know there are actually ways to stay fit without traditional workouts. However, it does require a little more creativity and patience. The following health and fitness tips will help you meet your wellness goals without necessarily following a strict workout routine:

Eat Sensibly

Eating a balanced diet is paramount to staying healthy and fit, regardless of whether you workout or not. For me, that means eating when I’m hungry and watching what I put in my body. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables, as well as healthy fats and healthy proteins. Eat gluten-free foods, and minimize or eliminate dairy and processed sugars if you want to lower inflammation in your body. Though a plan like this may not work for you, there is one that is right for your lifestyle, age, and health situation. If you aren’t sure what to eat, consult with your doctor, nutritionist, or other health practitioners for an appropriate plan that you can stick to long term.

Eat at Home More

One way that I have become healthier and fitter is to stop eating out and make more food at home. I love the diversity that comes from creating new and exciting recipes made with whole, organic ingredients. We make things like homemade v8 juice, soups, bread, and yummy desserts. Yes, we do still order out every once in awhile, but it is not the norm. 

Opt for Incidental Exercises

Do proactively incorporate physical exercises into ordinary routines. Incidental exercises don’t meet the traditional criteria for classifying organized workouts, but they can be extremely effective when done regularly. For example, when shopping, park way out in the parking lot, so you get extra steps in. And when cleaning your home, exaggerate your moves to get a better workout and stretch. Of course, you can burn off a lot of calories simply goofing off around the house, backyard, or park with the kids and the dog!

Speaking of the dog, make sure to walk your pooch every day. I also recommend walking or cycling whenever you can. Additionally, avoid using elevators when possible, instead, take the stairs.


Swimming is one of the most underrated, yet effective, forms of physical exercise. Hitting the swimming pool allows you to stretch and work virtually every muscle in your body, as well as raise your heart rate. It’s also fun and can be therapeutic for those who have mobility issues or are recovering from an injury. You can also incorporate games with the family and get fit together. 


Gardening is not only good for the mind and soul but also the body. Tending the flowers, vegetables, and shrubs in your backyard garden allows you to enjoy the serenity of nature while also upping your heart rate and exercising many muscle groups. For the ultimate extra calorie-burning experience while gardening, carry your tools on a belt or push them around in a wheel barrel. 

Staying healthy and fit doesn’t have to be strenuous or overly time-consuming. You can stay fit without traditional workouts by being creative with daily activities. And, don’t forget about that diet of yours. Eat sensibly and stick to a plan that fits your lifestyle. Get advice from your health care team for a custom fitness plan just for you.  Basically, do what you love and get out there and move!

**** This post is strictly informational and is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare provider. Women’s lifelink, its owners, administrators, contributors, affiliates, vendors, authors, and editors do not claim that this information will diagnose, treat, or improve any condition or disease.



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