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6 Smart And Effective Ways To Encourage A Fit Lifestyle

You may already be aware of the fantastic health benefits that consistent exercise offers for your mind and body. However, even having this knowledge, doesn’t seem to help some stick with a lifestyle that includes regular fitness. If this is you, instead of disappointing yourself by not following through, try to find a way to stay motivated to stick with your goals, even when it gets hard. Below, I’ve shared some of my favorite ways to encourage a fit lifestyle and stick to it for life. And, do remember to consult with your physician before you change or add any new fitness routines.

Restructure Fitness Goals

If your workout plan has not helped you reach your goals because it’s too hard or complicated, it’s time to restructure it. Creating practical, simple fitness goals help you to easily know what needs to be done and when. You are also way more likely to keep going when you aren’t stressed or confused about complex moves.

For example, if you want more defined abs, you will need to find exercises that work for your body type, age, and lifestyle. After all, we are all different. Keep in mind, you might need to go to the gym, hire a personal trainer, or invest in some home equipment to help make things easier and more effective. However, don’t underestimate the power of simple movements like playing with the kids and cleaning the house. These can ultimately be perfect for burning extra calories, toning muscles, and accomplishing your tasks all at the same time.

Invest in the Right Gear and Athletic Wear

Though it may not seem like a big deal, investing in the appropriate gear and athletic wear can enhance your fitness performance. It is also about safety and comfort. I know that new fitness gear can be expensive, so I look at thrift stores or second-hand sports shops for things like hand weights, yoga gear, and fitness machines.

As far as athletic gear goes, make sure to have several mix-and-match pieces so you always have a clean outfit to wear to the gym or fitness class. It also helps if your workout clothing fits well and looks attractive. Additionally, do consider your undergarments. Your bra needs to be quality, supportive, and able to stand up to moisture and body heat. This is true for your underwear too. Look online at stores like Undywear for athletic styles that are made to be worn during workouts. I also look for good sales on past season items at places like TJMaxx, Target, and Dick’s.

Schedule a Regular Workout Time

Many women find working out early in the morning ideal, while others prefer the evening. Whatever your preference, try to put workouts on your schedule. This makes it more of an appointment that you are less likely to miss. It also helps to make this appointment during higher energy periods. And, to make things even more full-proof, have a backup plan for bad weather or unexpected events. That way you always know you will get in your workout no matter what comes up. It’s time to say goodbye to those excuses! Do also create daily reminders on your phone, calendar, or on notes around the house to help you stick to your schedule. 

Variety and Fun

Naturally, we crave variety and fun when it comes to entertainment and life in general. How about applying this to your fitness plan? I believe that adding some fun and variety to exercise routines helps take the edge off negative reasons to avoid it. In other words, if you’re enjoying it, it won’t hurt as much!

Design workouts to be less predictable or tedious by alternating two or more types of fitness. When exercising alone, whether from home or at the gym, incorporate different techniques into your workout regime.  This also allows muscles to rest and recover properly between workouts. Another way of making fitness more fun is by encouraging your friends or family to train with you. Or better yet, join a workout class or club.

Reward Yourself

Sticking to a workout plan or accomplishing a fitness goal is something to be proud of. This is why I always reward myself for a job well done no matter how small the feat. These moments of victory deserve to be recognized and celebrated! For example, you can treat yourself to a day off or a nice relaxing soak in the tub. Or, how about a spa day? Though I try to stay away from food indulgences, it’s certainly OK to have a treat every once in a while. Keeping a reward system in place, motivates you to work harder and stick to it. 

Discipline Versus Motivation

Do not expect to be motivated to push yourself every time. Truthfully, there will be days when you will have very little interest or reason to exercise. Those are the days when discipline must take over. After working out regularly for some time, your body will get used to your routine and miss it if you don’t follow through. However, being disciplined does not mean overworking yourself. Give your body the rest it needs to recover, as too much exercise can be just as damaging as not enough. 




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