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6 Fashion Secrets For Mature Women

Figuring out fashion for the “mature” years can be less like a graceful ballet and more like tripping over your cat in the middle of the night. Yeah, it can be tricky and even a little painful. You don’t quite fit into the fashion of your youth but aren’t ready for elastic waistbands and loafers either. This can leave a still vibrant woman wondering what the hell to wear to be herself and look her best. I find this process is really more about being aware of your body and what makes you happy than following any set of rules. Though not a complete tutorial by any means, here are a few of my fashion secrets for mature women.

Fashion Secrets for Mature Women #1: Less is More

Piling on loads of accessories and over the top pieces doesn’t really serve anyone, no matter what your age. However, it is even more imperative for mature women to keep things simple and reign in the urge to overdo it. Even if you love bold, edgy fashion, you can still pare back on how you decorate yourself. I recommend that you look in a full-length mirror before going out and get an overall feel for the outfit. Try removing one or two items and see if it feels more in line with who you are.

Fashion Secrets For Mature Women #2: Wear Jewelry that Tells Who You Are

Wearing jewelry is not only fun but can have a purpose in our fashion. I try to wear pieces that really show off who I am and what I love. It’s best to find accessories that feel right to you as far as color, weight, and message. Jewelry can make an ordinary outfit dressier and more stylish. It can also tell a story about your personality. I recommend finding a couple of favorite stores that get you and frequent them. Also, spread your wings online at places like FrostNYC.com to see what’s out there. I know I can get stuck in jewelry purgatory by wearing the same things all the time. It’s OK to pick up a few trendy pieces for fun occasions too.

Fashion Secrets For Mature Women #3: Gracefully Flaunt

Flaunting your beauty at any age is not only fun but can boost your confidence. It shows that you are comfortable with who you are and really don’t care what others think. That said, there is a fine line between flaunting and being arrogant. Mature women don’t need to prove their beauty or overcompensate for their age in any way. I know it’s tempting to wear “younger” more revealing fashion in order to feel youthful.  The truth is, it really only makes you look like you’re trying too hard. Choosing classic, well-fitting pieces will naturally be sexy. They will also send a message that you know who you are and don’t have to impress anyone. A perfect attitude about yourself with a bit of modesty is what makes you look more radiant and charming.

Fashion Secrets For Mature Women #4: Choose Flattering Colors

It’s important to choose colors that go with your complexion and flatter your body. Also, consider your hair color when shopping, as some colors might clash with the tone. I love my black and neutrals for everyday wear. The basic palette allows me to add pops of color to express how I’m feeling at the time. Know what looks good on you. Get in the mirror and drape various colors close to your face to see what reflects the best with your skin and hair. Keep in mind that darker colors create a slimmer silhouette and can take a few pounds off.

Fashion Secrets For Mature Women #5: Keep Makeup Light and Simple

Because makeup can make or break your fashion, it’s kind of important. With lots of makeup brands and varieties arriving in the market daily, it gets confusing as to what is right for you. Aging, on top of all the choices, can bring even more confusion to the table. I do recommend getting out some fashion magazines or go online and find some makeup tutorial videos that highlight mature women. The best thing is really just getting in the mirror and practicing as you used to when you were a teen. The worst thing you can do is wear the exact makeup you did twenty-five years ago. Our faces change, so should our makeup.

Fashion Secrets For Mature Women #6: Be Confident

Having confidence in ourselves will always be the most beautiful and attractive feature we can carry. It will make anything you wear look and feel better on. There is just something about a woman who can pull off anything. I believe those women can be themselves with their fashion because they believe in themselves. And, they probably don’t give a rat’s ass about what anyone else thinks. So, all of this fashion advice is worthless if you can’t walk with confidence in the fact that you are beautiful at every age!

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