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6 Reasons Women Excel In Sales

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 Sales jobs are in every sector of business on the planet. This means there are endless opportunities for both men and woman. However, many women don’t want to be seen as the “stereotypical” salesmen we all know and abhor! You know the ones I’m talking about, they intimidate, push, and manipulate their potential customers into buying. Being psychological in nature, sales has an open door for both good and bad methods to enter the market. The good news is that more ladies are becoming successful salespeople.  Many businesses may rely on this market shift in the future. The primary reason is that consumers are demanding higher quality experiences. Here are 6 reasons women excel in sales.

Reasons Women Excel In Sales #1: They Are Naturally Intuitive and Serving

I believe that women more naturally treat others as they want to be treated. It’s in our nature to serve and meet the needs of others. This is an advantage, as it often is comforting to others. Natural and sympathetic conversations give a sense of trust that leads to buying confidence. I worked in the interior design industry for a while and sales was a part of my job. I usually got the sale if I could find common, empathetic ground with my clients. This is common when women primarily sell to other women.

Reasons Women Excel In Sales #2: They Don’t Fit the “Salesman” Stereotype

Granted, not all men in sales fit the negative stereotype, but you have to admit that the thought crosses your mind when you are approached.  As you can imagine, they have an instant challenge of overcoming the preconceptions upon meeting their potential buyers. On the other hand, if you walk onto a car lot and see a woman coming your way, you might feel more at ease. That’s because they don’t fit the profile of the fast-talking alpha male in a suit! However, there are exceptions to this. I once worked with a woman who totally reminded me of a used car salesman. And I have worked with men who gently and ethically led me to what I needed not what they wanted to sell me.

Reasons Women Excel In Sales #3: Women Can Be More Relatable

As a prospective client or customer, you are far more likely to pull the buyer trigger with someone that understands you. Many salesmen make the mistake of diving in with a generic pitch, caring little about what the customer needs or is trying to accomplish. I don’t know about you, but I immediately dismiss anyone who doesn’t listen to me. Again, when I was in sales, I always made a connection with my potential clients by putting the focus on them and the reason they were in the store.

Reasons Women Excel In Sales #4: They Have a Willingness to Learn

One sad fact about the business world is, historically, women have to work harder to achieve the same goals as men. As a result, most women are willing to put the time in to get what they want out of their careers. This hustle creates an influx of innovative ideas, industry news, and cutting-edge methods and technology. It’s sort of like the saying, “What is in motion, stays in motion.” From online sales training courses to “on the job” training, saleswomen often utilize education to the fullest. 

Reasons Women Excel In Sales #5: They Are Great Networkers

It’s a well-known fact that women know how to spread the word about quality products and services. The funny thing is, some women don’t even realize that their savvy networking is actually a form of sales. This natural ability is the envy of salesmen everywhere! Professional women’s groups, social media groups, and women’s organizations are all resources for female sales professionals. And, though, these types of groups might exist for men, too, I believe women may get more out of them.

Reasons Women Excel In Sales #6: They Are Sympathetic Problem Solvers

I know that being good at problem-solving isn’t necessarily a trait only found in women. However, women tend to be more sympathetic and can grasp the bigger picture of a given problem, where men are usually single focus oriented. This sympathy is imperative to win the trust of the buyer. For example, if that used car salesman pushes a vehicle that is in your budget but doesn’t meet your family’s space needs, he has missed the boat completely. A woman would listen carefully to the customer’s needs before showing her anything. And, if she didn’t have anything to offer, she might even refer them to someone else.

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