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6 Steps to a Dream Come True

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There is a saying that goes like this: You have not failed unless you stop trying.  Boy, have we all heard that one or others that tell us we simply need to keep going, to hold vigil to our innermost dreams with each passing day, to just keep working harder.  Well, here’s the thing:  That type of encouragement causes many to give up, stop trying, even turn their backs on what it is they thought was SO important to them.  Why?  Because it’s a perspective of the human ego (a perfectly natural one) but, nonetheless, one that hinders the truest, most pure connection we can have with our dreams and purpose.

I’ve spent many days “pumped up” about the future, my desires, my hopes and dreams. And also many that I’ve wallowed in the depths of despair due to a feeling of failure. Without the  motivation and faith to continue the struggle, I stopped.  You see, sometimes people whom you think have everything “together” are really struggling with many of the same things you are.  Life Coaches, Doctors, Counselors, Teachers, Ministers, and even Spiritual Gurus come to places of concern, challenge, and disappointment in the pursuit of life goals.  In fact, EVERYONE experiences this at one time or another!  I realized that there had to be a better way walk the path without the toil and worry that I wasn’t doing enough.  It was just a simple change of perspective and a little tweak to my intention that made all the difference in the world to me.

What I’m going to tell you, anyone can do…anyone! That’s important considering too many women out there really believe that you have to posses some kind of X-Factor (and the ability to go days without sleep) to get what you truly want and need.  Not so!  If you are teachable; you can accomplish anything you desire to! I’ve done these six steps and understand how they work. And, yes, doing all of them together DOES work!  My life is full of manifestations of dreams and goals.  Some I’ve had for years, and some are newborn babes.  OK, now for the keys to unlocking your dreams!

Step One:  Inception

(Origin: an event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events.)

You know how sometimes things are ugly at the beginning, ie., the pile of paint supplies before you paint; the mess of ingredients on the counter before the gourmet dinner; the wrinkled, red-faced newborn baby (still cute, but not pretty).  These examples are meant to help you see how “beginnings” are not always glorious, nor do they normally resemble the end result in any way, shape, or form.  The point is that you have to start somewhere; it might as well be today, right?  The key is your intention: Are you making Lasagna or Spaghetti?  Do you want to write a book or a poem?  Clarify the what first.  And don’t worry about what it looks like.  Starting is a key to manifesting your dreams.

Step Two:  No Looking Back

(Forward MARCH!)


You have now stepped onto a path…Your Journey. The length, breadth, and challenge level of that path is as unique as you and your dream.  As much as we all love to look back over our shoulders at what is behind us, this is not the time to do that.  Have you ever watched an Olympic track event?  Notice that the competitors don’t look around or back at who is near them.  They focus wholeheartedly on the finish line.  That is where the reward is.  If runners lose concentration for just one second, it could mean losing their position, falling, and eventually losing the race.  Sound familiar?  Forward focus is a key to manifesting your dreams.

Step Three:  Set Goals

(Goal Setting involves establishing specific, measurable and time-targeted objectives.)

This imperative step carries your “what” along the path with steadfast determination.  I’ve read and heard a lot about this step to success, and honestly, I think there is something that most people don’t understand: they don’t set obtainable goals.  Why aren’t they obtainable?  Because they don’t believe in their ability to obtain them.  You see, you can’t manifest anything you don’t believe…including the completion of a goal.  Setting believable goals is a key to manifesting your dreams.

Step Four: Invest Time, Emotion, and Effort Wisely  

(Investment – the commitment of something other than money (time, energy, or effort) to a project with the expectation of some worthwhile result.)

A dream deserves your best, right?  It does if you want it to be a reality . You can’t just lay around and expect things to happen on their own (well, at least not everything).  Let me explain.  There is a thing called working smart that is WAY too often overlooked in lieu of working harder.  Putting forth effort the right way and toward the right dream-enabling things will get you there far faster and with less stress than you can even imagine.  Your mind and emotions have more to do with your dreams than your toil and trouble do…really.  Keeping your mind, heart, and spirit focused on the positive outcome and how it will change your life is a key to manifesting your dreams.


Step Five: Track Your Progress

(Observe or plot the moving path of something.)

It’s somewhat like following a map to your destination. If you don’t know how to do that, get a navigator or a Coach.  Just make sure you know where you are with your goals at

all times.  This is where you facilitate changes for an efficient passage to the end.  You also will see your finish line more clearly and with emotional gratitude.  Tracking your progress is a key to manifesting your dreams.

Step Six: Enjoy

(Derive or receive pleasure from; get enjoyment from; take pleasure in.)

I highly recommend that you start step six from the beginning, carry it through the whole process, and lavish it at the finish line. You must find a way to love this path you’ve chosen or you WON’T get too far. Joy is a key to manifesting your dreams.

Now, if you notice, the six steps are actually an acronym for the word IN-SITE.  Inception-No looking back-Set Goals-Invest-Track-Enjoy.  Remember that!



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  1. Hello Kellie,
    Your 6 steps sound great! They really inspire me with confidence.
    To tell the truth, they are familiar to me. But one thing is to be aware of something and another one to put it into reality. Many my dreams come true ( due to my efforts) except my profession.I want to write in English or translate the articles on psychology. It might be a crasy idea, unbelievable as you said. My native language is Russian. I’ve been improving my English all the time, but the goal seems so far.What can you recommend? Thank you.

    • Natasha,

      You are on the right track to your dreams simply by acknowledging it to be important and worthwhile. Keep improving your English and, more importantly, your mindset! If you need anything, let me know.


  2. Hi Natalie,

    Thanks for your encouragement! I’m so glad you are enjoying WLL!

    Be well,


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