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6 Tips For Looking Your Best At The Beach

Unfortunately, the beach is one of those few locations in the civilized world where people are expected to walk around in practically nothing and get judged for how they look. While ignoring the opinion of others is probably the best thing for us all, feeling self-conscious is quite normal. On that note, here are a few effective tips for looking your best at the beach.

Looking Your Best At The Beach #1: Wear Dark Solids

You probably know this already, but just in case you don’t, darker colors make us look slimmer than we actually are. This holds true for beachwear as well. And, although, this slimming effect is just an illusion, it can give you a boost of confidence you need to venture out on the beach. If you are thinking that your options are limited to black only, you are wrong. Navy, shades of gray, charcoal and just about any other dark shade of your choice will have the same effect.

Looking Your Best At The Beach #2: Wear Horizontal Stripes 

For the longest time, it was believed that horizontal stripes made you look wider, so they were touted as a poor fashion choice for curvy girls. As it turns out, it has been established that this isn’t true at all. In fact, horizontal stripes on swimwear can actually make you look slimmer than you are. As an added advantage, you will have more options in terms of choosing your beachwear, without having to worry about looking thicker than you really are.

Looking Your Best At The Beach #3: Wear the Right Size

It is especially important to choose swimwear in the right size. This not only applies to those women carrying a few extra pounds but everyone in general. However, as far as plus size swim suits choose them in solid, dark colors or horizontal stripes for the most flattering looks. Wearing something that’s either too small or too baggy will make you look messy or tasteless. This is not the image you want to portray, is it?

Looking Your Best At The Beach #4: Avoid Ultra-Revealing Bikinis

It is, of course, one’s personal choice to wear revealing clothing or swimwear. That said, do consider what your reason for doing so is. If you have a killer body, there is nothing wrong with showing it off. Do, however, stay on the side of good taste and make sure all your lady parts are secure. On the other hand, if you are not at your ideal weight, ultra-skimpy bikinis may not be the best idea. There are just so many elegant options out there that won’t make you self-conscious, so choosing a bikini that’s way too small for you is not necessary.

Looking Your Best At The Beach #5: Get a Pre-Beach Tan

It’s common to go to the beach to get a tan and, while that may not be the healthiest practice, I understand the desire to have a healthy glow. I do, however, recommend getting a spray tan before you step foot on the sand. For one, it creates a healthy glow without the skin damage. It can also help to camouflage any winter weight gain. Visit a tanning salon or try a quality tanning lotion at home to get a temporary tan before hitting the beach.

Looking Your Best At The Beach #6: Be Confident

Take as much time as you need to find the right beachwear for yourself, but once you have made a choice, wear that swimsuit or dress to the beach proudly. Remember that dressing well for any occasion is more about the confidence you display than what you are wearing. If you are not comfortable in your clothing, it shows and will be the thing brings down your look.

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