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Can Colors Affect Your Mood And Wellness?

We all have things that we turn to when we need to lift our mood. Actions like listening to a favorite song, talking to a special someone, or getting away in nature all have the ability to affect how we feel. Though I have discovered a list of mood-changing activities, I am particularly fascinated with how various colors affect us and our mindset. A lot of my interest started years ago while I worked in interior design and decor. Feng Shui and the thoughtful placement of color changed the way I used color in my own life as well as clients’. And I had even more experience with color as a branding coach. So, if you’ve ever asked, “Can colors affect your mood and wellness?” My belief is 100 percent YES! Here is a little helpful information, so you’ll understand why color is so powerful.

The Psychology Of Color

In recent decades, a number of scientific studies have shown that color affects the mind and mood. This information has been used for therapy, marketing, and to set moods in residences and businesses. Color saturation and brightness, as well as shade, are important factors along with the actual color itself. This becomes important when you want to feel a certain way in a room or when you wear a certain outfit. Color can promote confidence, relaxation, anger, and even feelings of sentiment or love. It’s no mistake that certain holidays are painted with motivating colors. Think about how you feel when you see certain colors. Are you motivated to buy? Does that soft green give you a feeling of security and comfort?

The Hidden Meaning Of Colors

In history, certain colors have evoked an emotional response, especially in some cultures that use color for ceremonies and spiritual events. Consider how the color red makes us feel passion and stimulation. It seems that these colors speak to us on a deep emotional level, and it’s one that artists and designers have understood since the time of the Renaissance and earlier. Psychological tests with multiple participants show that there is a surprising level of agreement about many of the colors. Blue is seen as a relaxing or friendly color, green is associated with healing, yellow is associated with happiness or youthfulness, and black is associated with mystery and strength.

Using Color To Enhance Your Life

Once you recognize the effect that color has on your life and feelings, you can use it to bring positive transformations. Take a series of color cards, concentrate on them and let your mind empty, as if you were meditating. Write down how you reacted to each color. Try to be as specific as possible with your observations.

Expert painters and decorators such as Athdecorating.co.uk are able to help you choose colors to meet your needs. It’s important to tell your decorator exactly how you want to feel in a space. And, keep in mind, it’s just paint. You can always change it if it doesn’t quite give you the feeling you want.

Color Therapy

Another way to enhance your life with color is to purposefully use it for healing and well-being. Energy healers and spiritual practitioners use color to help balance the body’s energy fields and portals called chakras. This is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years. Each color has meaning and the power to bring about balance in certain areas of the body and life. Therapuetic benefits can stem from colored crystals, light, paintings, wall colors, and visualizaion. I recommend doing some research or finding an energy practitioner to help you get the most out of this type of therapy.


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