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6 Ways To Reduce Anxiety Naturally

Everyone’s experience with anxiety is different because everyone’s brains and bodies are different. Unfortunately, this means there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution for it. Medication has shown to be effective, in some cases, but it does have its side effects. For this reason, meds may be left as a last resort. I have found other methods to reduce anxiety naturally. Here are my top 6.

Reduce Anxiety Naturally #1: Limit Internet and Social Media Use

Social media can be an incredibly useful and life-changing tool, but it can also wreak havoc on your nerves and confidence. The internet is filled with cyber bullies, horrific videos, and celebrities that we have absolutely no business comparing ourselves to. Because of this, using social media is often a trigger for those with anxiety. There is nothing wrong with taking a break from the internet and social media. In fact, I recommend doing it at least once a month.

Reduce Anxiety Naturally #2: Cut Out Negative People and Drama

Anxiety can be horrible to live through. It is especially important to have a supportive circle of friends and family around. Negative and non-supportive people can actually trigger anxiety and should be avoided if possible. If you have situations at work or in your family that can’t be avoided, do your best to keep calm and take breaks away when you can. Talk to them about how they make you feel if you find it appropriate and would help.

Reduce Anxiety Naturally #3: Breathing Techniques

With anxiety, it’s common to have trouble breathing or to hyperventilate. Learning to control breath is imperative to stay calm and not cause other medical repercussions. One technique is to breathe in through your nose for three seconds and out through your mouth for three seconds. This is a great way to calm the body and even avoid a full-blown panic attack. Practice several methods to see what works for you. I recommend using these techniques before you need them in a status panic attack.

Reduce Anxiety Naturally #4: Medical Marijuana or CBD Oil

While some people might not be okay with medical marijuana, for some it has been miraculous. This is more prevalent with those who don’t want to take pharmaceuticals.  The best weed strains or certified CBD oil can be used by most people and have little to no side effects. Do research and look for positive reviews to see if it might be an option. Of course, ask your doctor before using any type of drug.

Reduce Anxiety Naturally #5: Exercise

Regular exercise is a great way to manage anxiety. First, it’s a brilliant distraction from anything that might be bothering you. Exercise also triggers the release of chemical messengers in the brain that help to combat feelings of anxiety and depression. Finally, it’s fun. Just a short walk or jog can help you relax. The key is consistency over a period of time. 

Reduce Anxiety Naturally #6: Get Some Sleep

Exhaustion related anxiety can be a vicious cycle. The pattern starts with the inability to sleep because of anxious thoughts. Then, the lack of sleep causes more anxiety. Because of this, it is essential to give yourself ample time to sleep at night. Naps during the day can also be helpful. Diffusing natural essential oils like lavender or putting a few drops on your pillow can help you relax. There are also some wonderful natural sleep aids out there. 

Anxiety is something that is real and affects millions of people every day. Though there isn’t any one cure or remedy, it’s a good idea to try various things to see what works for you. Of course, we have only touched on a few here today. I recommend that you research other tools, methods, and treatments.

**** This post is strictly informational and is not meant to replace the advice of your health care provider. Women’s lifelink, it’s owners, administrators, contributors, affiliates, vendors, authors and editors do not claim that this information will diagnose, treat, or improve any condition or disease.

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