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6 Ways To Improve Air Quality And Breathe Easier

Because outside air quality changes frequently, our inside air can be negatively affected. It can also become stale, polluted, and even toxic, depending on what is going on in the environment. Things like, dust, mold, smoke, cooking, pets, and an ill-maintained HVAC can be a detriment to air quality and your health. Additionally, poor airflow can cause allergens to sit in your home, which can be dangerous to pets, kids, and anyone with allergies. Here are some ways to improve air quality and breathe easier.

Consider Investing in a Portable Air Purifier

A portable air cleaner or purifier is a device that helps to filter unwanted particles, such as dust, mold, and lingering odors out of the air in your home. We have an Air Doctor in our home that makes a difference in how the air smells and feels. There are various brands, sizes, and price points for these machines. Do your research and check reviews before you purchase. Additionally, before investing in a portable unit, check to see if your existing HVAC unit can be fitted with a system unit. 

Invest In Double Hung Windows

Double hung window installation refers to what is also known as a double sash window. It has two glass panes that can go up, or down, and two sliding panels for the glass to glide along. It is perfect for airflow as it allows hot air from inside to rise and exit through the top pane. Colder air from the outside is drawn into your home when you want it to be. It is ideal if you live in a two-story home as it will allow rising hot air from throughout your home to have a clear exit route.

Open Windows

Opening windows in mild weather can be a helpful way to introduce fresh air into the home. And while you might not want to do this in extreme cold or hot temperatures, do open them as much as you can. Breezy days are the best to welcome the outside air in because they provide the circulation that supports proper airflow. Make sure to check your screens for holes that might let in unwanted insects.

Get Your HVAC Unit Checked

Over time, HVAC units can become clogged with dust and not work as efficiently as they should. I recommend getting the unit checked and serviced at least once a year. Additionally, you can hire an air duct cleaning specialist to clear out your air vents of any pollutants and debris. Once you clean out or repair your HVAC unit, you should see airflow significantly improve in your home. If issues persist, you could need to replace it with a more efficient unit. In some cases, replacement might be a better choice, especially with upgraded efficiency and tax breaks.

Utilize Ceiling Fans

Using your ceiling fans is a simple way to improve airflow in your home. During the hotter months, set your fan on a counterclockwise rotation to help cooler air move efficiently. Shift the fan to a clockwise setting for cooler weather. Ceiling fans can help your rooms stay cool and your body stay at a comfortable temperature, especially while you sleep. While your fans do not lower the temperature, you should see an improvement in airflow while using them. Investing in ceiling fans and using them regularly may also lead to energy savings and a reduction in your electricity bill if they prevent the need for air-conditioning.

Point Fans at Open Windows Or Away From People

The CDC advises that pointing a fan at an open window can help remove contaminants from the air. They also advise putting the airflow fans away from people to prevent allergens from being blown directly at them. As the largest effects of the COVID pandemic are hopefully now behind us, at the very least, put your fan on oscillate to ensure that air is being pushed around the home rather than in one direction. 

Please take your air quality seriously. If you suspect that you are dealing with any type of problems like mold, chemicals, or gas, consult with the appropriate professionals to diagnose and remedy the issue as soon as possible. Do what you can to create the best environment for yourself and your family.

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