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7 Ways To Look And Feel Gorgeous For A Special Night Out

You know those special nights out when you want to look and feel your best? Yeah, the ones that you will take extra time to pick out just the right outfit and do your makeup perfectly. The truth is, most women love to pamper themselves and see the results that their efforts produce. However, if you want to look and feel gorgeous for a special night out, plans must be made and steps taken. Here are my top 7 ways to get the results you want!

Look and Feel Gorgeous for A Special Night Out #1: Take Your Time for Self-Care Basics

Hopefully, you are treating yourself well every day and not just waiting for special occasions. If so, you know how long it usually takes for basic self-care. For a special night out, block out some extra time for your regular self-care routine. This is the perfect chance to take time over your grooming regime and even add some special steps. A good example is applying a facial mask or using a sugar scrub on your body. Even a good soak in the tub to ward off dead skin and rough patches will help you to look and feel your best.

Look and Feel Gorgeous for A Special Night Out #2: Pre-Plan Your Hairstyle

I have made the terrible mistake of waiting until the last minute to decide what to do with my hair. It almost never works out, and I’m left feeling frustrated and less than the gorgeous I wanted. The problem is that hair can be unpredictable at best. There are also other things that affect how it behaves like weather, how clean it is, and what you did with it the day before. I recommend deciding on and practicing your hairstyle in advance of your event. If it’s a really special night, have your hair stylist do it.

Look and Feel Gorgeous for A Special Night Out #3: Know What You’re Wearing

As with your hairstyle, it’s important to have your outfit (including accessories) planned out for your big night out. If this means shopping for some items, do it at least a few days in advance. This is in case you have trouble finding the right items. Never wait until the day of a special night out to look for the perfect dress or shoes. Remember, you want to be pampering your skin, body, and soul the day of, not stressing at your local department store. Lay out your outfit on the bed a couple of days before so you know it’s all going to work. Make any changes you want at that time.

Look and Feel Gorgeous for A Special Night Out #4: Do A Quick Workout Early in the Day

Try to fit in a quick work out early the day of your event. This is an excellent way to get a healthy glow and perk up your energy levels. Just remember to leave yourself plenty of time to shower and do your extra self-care steps. Remember, you are also consuming extra calories by working out, so you may need to drink a protein shake or snack. This is especially important if you plan to drink alcohol.

Look and Feel Gorgeous for A Special Night Out #5: Stay Hydrated

Of course, staying hydrated every day is of the utmost importance for health and beauty. It is even more crucial for days leading up to and the day of a special night out or event. Your skin requires much water to stay supple and rosy. In fact, drinking enough water will do more for your complexion than any beauty creme out there. It’s also important to stay hydrated if you will be drinking alcohol on your date. You don’t want to get sick or have a horrendous hangover the next day.

Look and Feel Gorgeous for A Special Night Out #6: Pre-Pack Your Purse or Bag

Plan out what you will need for your special night out in advance. Take a purse or bag that will accommodate those things without over stuffing. Consider what you will be doing and where you are going. If you are going out to dinner on a date, you may just need an evening bag for your ID, lipstick, and phone. If you are a smoker, you can include your cigarettes or vape pen. Look for travel size refills and supplies on https://www.brokedick.com/vape-juice. You can always pack anything else you need in a larger bag and keep it in the car or hotel room (if applicable).

Look and Feel Gorgeous for A Special Night Out #7: Keep Things Positive that Day

As you treat your body well the day of your night out, give your mind and emotions a boost too. Try to stay excited and upbeat throughout the day with positive thoughts. If you are nervous about something, listen to an upbeat playlist before you head out. This is an excellent way for you to get yourself in the mood for a good time and nix any nerves. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you look and feel. Keep positive about your expectations for the night, and don’t be hard on yourself if things don’t go just as planned. Things happen that are out of your control. Remember to enjoy yourself and the company you are sharing. You are gorgeous!


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