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8 Tips To Elevate Your Restaurant Design

Whether you’ve owned a restaurant for a while or are just starting out, the look and atmosphere will play a large role in attracting patrons. People want to feel safe, comfortable, and as though they have been transported into an atmosphere they can’t get at home. This all, of course, needs to be the icing on the cake to your fabulous food! Wondering how to design a restaurant? According to architect and designer, David Rockwell, “the design of a restaurant should embrace the identity of the chef, the nature of the cuisine, and the context of the restaurant itself.” So, without further ado, here are some savvy tips to elevate your restaurant design.

Elevate Your Restaurant #1: Create an Appealing Entrance

 An eye-catching entrance will attract the attention of potential customers walking or driving by. Make sure the name of the restaurant and some type of clue to its type is displayed prominently on the outside of the building. Try not to clutter windows or paint signs on them though, as this blocks the view and can appear tacky and cheap. Create something unique with the signage, so customers are curious.

Elevate Your Restaurant #2: Design for Your Target Customer

Do you know who your local market is? If not, I highly recommend finding that information. If you are aiming at attracting families, create a space that has bolder color and interesting art and lighting. You know how bored kids can get while waiting for their food. For young, modern professionals, choose decor that shows the latest color and style trends as well as lots of interesting texture. For a more mature clientele, stick with more traditional art and accessories. 

Elevate Your Restaurant #3: Use Appropriate Lighting. 

Your restaurant lighting should be cohesive with the mood, size, and layout of your restaurant. Keep general lighting low with pools of light at each table for greater ambiance in the evening. For a modern, daytime feel, allow as much natural light to come in as possible. You will likely need to have individual lighting at tables, too.

Elevate Your Restaurant #4: Use Tasteful, Cohesive Art and Accessories

Beautiful artwork and accessories that match the theme or color scheme of your restaurant is like putting decorations on a cake. Abstract pieces work well in most restaurants, and large pieces are a great way to fill wall space and also look rich. You can also tailor this part of your design to the clientele or town.

Elevate Your Restaurant #5: Use an Appealing Color Scheme

You could use one color scheme for the whole restaurant, or mix a few themes for different zones of the restaurant. For a romantic feel, go with dark, moody tones. Choose fresh, bright shades in a family restaurant. Just make sure all of it works well together. 

Elevate Your Restaurant #6: Have a Theme

If you serve seafood, you could decorate the restaurant in a nautical theme, or to look like a ship. You could try a greenhouse or jungle theme for something a little unusual. If you serve a particular cuisine, like Italian or Asian, you could decorate with culturally-based art and colors.

Elevate Your Restaurant #7: Make the Kitchen a Feature.

An open kitchen concept or a service window that people can see into creates an exciting part of some types of restaurants. Know this will create extra noise and chaos for your customers, so make sure the atmosphere is conducive to this distraction. You will need to make sure the kitchen is well lit and well ventilated. 

Elevate Your Restaurant #8: Choose the Right Background Music

Music can help create an atmosphere that soothes or energizes. What you choose should go along with your theme, as well as your target market. Obviously, you want to cater to your crowd and their needs. Keep music to a background level volume, but adjust it so it can be heard when there are more people in your place. 

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