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90 Day Health Challenge: Week 8

Do you ever feel like you are more healthy in one area of your life than you’ve ever been, and yet, another area is in the gutter?  I’m kind of there right now.  Let me explain.

As a forty-something woman, I am challenged to get this body of mine moving every day.  It complains; it screams; it begs for mercy.  Some of it’s normal, but some of it isn’t.  Yes, I’m peeling away unhealthy layers, but in doing so, I’m revealing some of the dis-ease that has been buried for a long time.  Some of it is what they call “healing crisis”, and some is just my own stupidity.

On the bright side of my health, I am emotionally and mentally fit.  There was a time when these tables were turned.  I was running four miles a day but my mind and heart bled with depression and anxiety.  For me, this was a worse state of health than being physically challenged.  I’ve worked on the mind/emotion issues for years and have finally reached a state in which I can be proud – a place where I can reach out to others and help them.

As far as my body is concerned…it will get there.  I have some special women in my life who want to see me succeed.  My friend, Donna, is a fabulous personal trainer; we’re talking about bartering our services…a little training for a little decorating (yes, I used to be in that field). She will be happy to know that I did do some weight training this week that brought on WW3 in my muscles.  It passed…and I’m ready for  another round.  Donna, here I come!  Be well-be beautiful!

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