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Are You Drinking Too Much?

Many of us enjoy drinking now and then, but what happens when drinking becomes excessive or even an addiction? Addictions are characterized by a compulsion to do something, even when you know it’s not good for you. Has that social drink on a Friday evening become a daily event? Do you find that you turn to alcohol if you’ve had a bad day or you’re feeling down? Do you crave alcohol or feel like you need it? Are you desperate to drink even when you feel hungover, tired or run down? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you may need to take a closer look at your drinking habits. Also, if you feel ashamed when you drink, or you’ve started lying to friends or relatives, you may be headed down a path of alcoholism. Drinking too much can also impact your personal relationships. Have others expressed concerns about your drinking? Are you arguing with people close to you or trying to avoid social situations?

Where To Seek Help for Excessive Drinking

sad-659422_640It’s often said that the hardest step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem in the first place. If you’re worried about your drinking, there are various options available to you. First, you can see your doctor, who can refer you to a specialist, rehab center, or the appropriate counseling. You can also seek advice and support from charitable organizations if your budget is tight or you don’t have insurance. You may wish to talk to close friends and family members, as well. The process of giving up drinking and getting over an addiction can take months, even years, so be patient with yourself.

If you choose to seek help, the support you receive should be ongoing. Once you leave rehab, for example, you should continue to attend sessions. Outpatient alcohol rehab assists people once they have completed intensive therapy and returned home.

When you’re going through treatment or rehabilitation, you may also learn some self-help techniques. These will help you to detect triggers and find other ways of coping. You may find that exercise helps to distract you and reduce anger and frustration. You might benefit from changes to your routine and different social settings. Dietary and sleep regime adjustments may make you feel better, as well. The lessons you learn will not only help you to stop drinking, they’ll also prepare you for life after treatment.

The road is long, but you can get there with the right advice and support. If you think your drinking may be out of control, it’s best to seek help as soon as possible. The sooner you admit that things aren’t quite right, the better. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to seek advice from your doctor. There are effective treatments and programs out there. If you stick to it and are determined to succeed, there’s a good chance that you’ll emerge on the other side healthy and happy.

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