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Can’t Consciousness

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Today, I extend another invitation to you and to your spirit. 

It is about taking a journey into your mind and being introduced to the great power that resides within.  The invitation is for you and your spirit separately because I would like you to pay attention to the separateness and to begin to acknowledge how often we do act in separation.  Ultimately, our goals are to live in this world united in all aspects of our being – when we do that, we have an immediate sense of wholeness, of creation and an understanding of our full power.

In a way, it is similar to driving a car in low gear versus drive – low will get us certain places, but using drive will pull the full power of the car and maximize its resources.  The same is true of our language as a mechanism for creating our reality.  If we are fully connected, mind and body and spirit, our language has a flow and a feel of potential and possibility.  We are ready to meet any experience with our full set of resources and skills to extend out on our behalf.   When we are not fully connected, our language is the first sign of dis-empowerment.   

We begin to fill our thoughts with the language of “can’t”, and then our lives begin to reflect the same.  If someone asks us to go on a trip and we “can’t” because we “don’t” have the money  or we see  a seminar that we would like to take but feel we “shouldn’t”  because…and whatever follows the because.

Here is the reality – when we use these types of contractions – we are working in “Can’t Consciousness” and creating a limiting reality for whatever we want to accomplish in and for our lives.  The moment we think or say any form of a can’t –  we stop at that moment and our attempt to create.  When we use shouldn’t, can’t, don’t, haven’t, etc.  we cut off any further effort  of creation  – our brain seizes the contraction and absorbs it, manifesting an inner landscape of limits that cannot be overcome.  The brain then stops all effort to find a way to create the original desire.  And since the subconscious is the most powerful part of our being, acting in its role as protector, it stops us from going any further.   Even when we use the word want, thinking we are using creation language, the subconscious sees that idea of “want” as not having and connects  it with the “can’t consciousness”.

You may ask, how can we be realistic about our situations then if we “can’t ” use these contractions? Again we move back to the idea of consciousness –  we ask what is the original intent – is it to manifest money for a trip – instead of saying we “don’t” have the money –  we look at the whole idea and set an intent of solution — we say, “This month the budget will not support a trip but let’s work to include it for next month or the next.”   What happens then in our brain is that we open a channel for creating the opportunity – we meet the need of the subconscious to be realistic and honest about our circumstances and acknowledge them, setting a solution intention.  The phrasing I used will work side by side with the subconscious and allow your brain to search for alternatives. 

Now, I hear you say, “But what about saying the budget will not support?” — that language is not limiting language – if we dissect it, we begin with the idea of the budget “will” before we insert the “not” and the subconscious hears the “will” and takes it in  – the “not” is minimalized and the end of the sentence supports a time frame – this month- but allows for another time.  The subconscious is able to reason and move forward into searching for  a solution.  I challenge you to look at how many times and ways you use “can’t consciousness” in your daily language and link that back to a desire or intention you wished to manifest. 

Your spirit and your life are about creation and building, connecting – all this implies great action which is in sync with your life plan.   When you use language that acts in a  non-supportive way to your desire, that language takes on a life of its own and creates both an inner and outer reality of limitation and lack.  This is truly a case of change your mind, change your life.  Change your mind, your words, and new actions must follow the changes.

I invite you to make a list of all the contractions in your life and see where you can remove them – what can you put in place of those words that will support you in manifesting a reality of desires and aspirations?  When you are conscious and behaving in such a way to support consciousness on all levels,  you are able to release the limitations that lurk in the background , leaving a wonderful blank canvas that supports your desires.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

About Dr. Tricia Working

Atlanta native, speaker, and writer, Dr. Tricia Working brings a cadre of experience and expertise to her work both spiritually & within mainstream America. She has over ten years of experience with the Georgia legislature, seven years experience in shelter management, and fifteen years education. She founded Paws for Thought Animal Foundation in 1993 & currently serves as President of the Southern Regional Business Council & Director of Public Relations for the Hope of Humanity Foundation.

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  1. Kellie, I appreciate your comment – having been a former English professor, writer and lover of words in general, for me with my own works in the area of consciousness, it was an easy connect. I think we do tend so often to pay too little attention to our own body and spirit levels and where we actually are in creating our lives. ‘Can’t consciousness’ is an area where people could really apply life changing aspects without years of having to learn how or go through endless therapy. I would love to hear how your changes go.

  2. I agree with your comment Kellie… and in fact I am always saying to the kids ‘there is no such word/thing as can’t’ because I don’t want them limiting themselves (I also discourage the use of the word ‘try’ at all costs, because if you are going to ‘try’ you are already allowing yourself an out). I am however guilty of thinking the word ‘can’t’ myself, in relation to getting away, having money for this or that, so while I don’t speak it I know I am thinking it!
    Ah, the inner dialogue 🙂

    • It takes time to re-train your brain to think thoughts that bring positive change. But making the effort is better than not anything in that area. I just love the specific advice Dr. Tricia gave about the contractions. Americans are terrible about using them constantly.

    • Hi Sandy, I have found that most of us carry ‘can’t consciousness’ in our financial areas and our relationships also. I hate to say it, our conditioning as we have grown up, baby boomers anyway, has been more focused on understanding the power of can’t. The fact that you can work with your kids to do and not allow trying is fabulous. They are leaps and bounds ahead of so many. Good luck on matching your inner dialogue with your modeling for family. Love to hear if you experience any relief.

  3. I’ve read a lot about changing your words to change your life, but I’ve never heard it broken down like this. Thank you for this in depth tip for up your spoken word with what you truly want. I bet most people are not aware of this issue. I am already working on some major change in this area.

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