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Cracking the Body Enigma: The Ravishing Rectangle

koribadgeWith Kori Kovacs

koriOut of all the body types out there, the Ravishing Rectangle posed the biggest challenge for me as a Blogger… and not because it’s tough to define, but because you have so many choices!  Ravishing Rectangles are seen all over the runways these days… their tall lean bodies make one of the best choices for showing off the latest fashions!  Besides for just about every runway model out there, some other famous RRs include Cameron Diaz, Natalie Portman, Gwen Stefani, Hilary Duff, and Nicole Kidman.  You see them on the red carpet in some of the most beautiful pieces, and they always look feminine.  This is the biggest challenge for RRs… creating curves!

 Let’s take a look at the Ravishing Rectangle’s stats:

Ravishing Rectangle– Narrow and straight shoulders
– Little to no waist definition
– Narrow hips and flat-ish bottom
– Lean legs and small to medium chest

Now there are two different approaches to tackling this Body Enigma… You can choose to emphasize your gorgeous athletic build, or if you’re feeling a little more feminine, you can create those curves by emphasizing your top and bottom half.  So I’ll give you some tips for both!

If you are feeling the great shape you’re Momma gave you…

DO choose long lean looks… like thigh skimming jackets, sheath dresses, empire waists and bootcut jeans

DO play with patterns…. you can wear them on either the top or bottom half… so have fun!

DON’T forget to get a great fitting bra… it’s so important to provide support, even if you have a smaller chest

RR style

If you’re looking to add a little more curves…

DO find jackets and dresses that nip in at the waist… it will create the illusion of a defined waist

DO emphasize your shoulders… shoulder pads, ruffles, and scoopnecks create a feminine look

DON’T wear baggy or loose fitting tops… you’ll get lost in all that fabric!

DO use a belt cinched in at your waist… when paired with a ruffle top and a flared skirt… BAM! Instant waist definition.

Well Ravishing Rectangles, I’ve enjoyed sharing some great tips with you.  Next week, the next Enigma to break: the Irresistible Inverted Triangle!  Until then, keep smiling ladies… better than a million dollar diamond necklace! – TSP

About Kori Kovacs

Kori Rae Kovacs currently resides in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and daughter. She joined the Navy shortly after high school to explore the world and make better use of her time... and maybe even grow up a little. During her nine years in the military, Kori has traveled to many places in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Kori is pursuing a degree in Fashion Management and Marketing at the University of the Incarnate Word and is an Image Consultant for women. She loves hiking, baking, spending time with her husband Robert and daughter Aysen, and volunteering her time to Special Olympics. Visit Kori at her Facebook page The Sophista Project.

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  1. I’ve been waiting for this one! I’m a broad shouldered rectangle with mostly an athletic body. My biggest struggle is keeping my jeans from falling off my narrow hips…I hate this. Because of my short high waist, higher waisted pants don’t look good on me. There are a few brands that fit me well though…they are BKE, Silver, Gap, Seven, and Abercrombie. The most flattering necklines on me are v-neck, deep scoop, and halter. I love my shoulders even though they create problems with fit sometimes. Feminine jackets are always a winner with me. I just found a really nice one at the thrift store!

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