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Dangerous Cosmetics

Tip of the Iceberg Tuesday

 (A little controversy for your day)

Are You Dying To Be Beautiful?

One of our goals at Women’s Life Link is to help you understand the importance of obtaining and maintaining your health, and that through this process you will naturally begin to see a more beautiful you emerge.  We have focused on some anti-aging topics, but this particular post is one that brings awareness of dangers that various cosmetics and skin care products pose to your body.

A Shocking Reality

“Currently, there are estimated to be more than 10,500 cosmetic and personal care products on the North American market. Of those products, the Environmental Working Group estimates that 99% of the products contain one or more ingredients that have never been evaluated for safety,” reports Dr. Joseph Mercola, an osteopathic physician, health activist, and entrepreneur practicing in Hoffman Estates, IL.  This is nothing less than irresponsibility on the part of cosmetic companies and the administrations that regulate the sale of their products, or should I say, the lack of regulation.

If this is true, we can not count on the government to help us determine what is good for us and what is not.  In fact, the FDA can not move on banning a product unless it has actually injured or caused death in multiple individuals.  Huh?  That sounds a little WRONG!  I remember finding out that some companies actually put what is called “animal by-products” in their cosmetics.  Do you have any idea what an animal by-product is?  If you have a weak stomach, you should probably stop reading NOW.  For the rest of you, here it goes.  ABP’s are what boils to the top of a giant vats of left over parts from the slaughter houses, road kill, and euthanized animals from the shelters.  Yes, I wanted to vomit when I heard that.

It’s All About the Money

So why do they use such ingredients in skin care products?  The answer: MONEY!  It’s a cheap filler and easy to come by.  What about the Parabens, Mineral oil, paraffin, and petroleum?  And, what about the alcohol, propylene glycol, Sodium Laurel, and Acrylamide? Yes, at least one of these toxic ingredients are found in almost every lotion, lip balm, soap, and anti-aging creme out there – at least the ones made by companies that don’t claim to be organic and healthy.  These substances are wreaking havoc on our systems and can make all your “get healthy” efforts null and void.

What Can We Do About It?

The first thing you can do is not purchase these poison-laced products.  I recommend replacing your current personal care products with ones that you know for sure are without harmful chemicals and toxic waste.  You can do this by researching companies that are considered organic, green, and all natural.  Personally, I use products hand-made by artisans.  Several of my favorites will be reviewed soon.  Make sure to pick up our RSS feed so you don’t miss the recommendations.

Start talking – Another thing you can do is start telling your friends and family about this article and any other information that you come across.  When you consider how unhealthy these simple products can be, it shouldn’t be hard to warn the ones you love.  Start with yourself though.

Protest – For you go-getter types, you can take a stance with your congressmen or congresswomen.  Write them a letter describing your concerns and how you would like for there to be stricter regulations on the production of personal care items.  It’s our skin; we deserve better than what we’re getting.

I would appreciate any feedback that you can give on this topic.  Let us know about anything that you’ve heard concerning the manufacturing and sale of personal care products and cosmetics.  Please take this seriously.  You may also like Toxic Shock: For BeginnersFor more information on healthy skin care, contact Jeffrie Ann Hall, Esthetician.  Be well-be beautiful.

Resource: Mercola.com

Photo by Padmita

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  1. Kellie,

    I try to use organic cosmetics when I can find them. I still haven’t found a foundation or powder that is organic that I like, but I do like the Bare Essentials line.

    I saw you over at Kristen’s and smiled….good for you! Loved learning more about you.

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