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Toxic Shock: For Beginners

Tip of the Iceberg Tuesday

(A bit of controversy for your day)

You know they say “Love is a battlefield;” well, what about just trying to stay alive and healthy in this toxin-infested world of ours.  Yes, it’s beautiful and all, but living on Earth in it’s present state is causing us to die.  Prematurely.  Though most of the toxic elements that we ingest, inhale, step on, bathe in, slather on, etc. come by choice, there are those that are forced upon us by the collective endeavors of the masses, ie. the manufacturers, the pharmaceutical companies, the automobile industry, the FDA, and the food giants.  I hope I get lots of hate mail from this poignant accusation.

Here’s the thing:  We have to do something different.  Before it’s too late.  Ladies, start with you.  Do what you can to change the world – your world.  I’m preaching to myself too.

Can You Say Boycott?

If we stop demanding and buying products that do us harm, they will stop making them because they no longer will make them money.  Don’t make me say that again.  It’s really simple.  It’s our responsibility.  It’s our future and that of our children.

The problem runs deep, like the proverbial “iceberg”, but we can make a difference if we stick together in this.  Melt that SOB!  Buy organic food.  Use organic skincare.  Clean your home with non-toxic products, cut back on the use of fossil fuels (walk, ride a bike, ride the bus, etc.).  If you are really pro-active then write congress about an environmental problem you see in your area, demand food be grown without chemicals, try homeopathic remedies before you go to the pharmacy and fill that script, and, for God’s sake, read labels!

Just the tip of the iceberg, but we can make a difference.  Feel free to light up these posts with your opinions, comments, and choices.  Be well-be beautiful.

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