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Dos and Don’ts Of Home Remodeling

Home remodeling can be an exciting adventure for you and your family. However, it can also be a frustrating and trying time that takes patience and tolerance to get through. We’ve all heard about the horrible home improvement mishaps that have nearly ruined good people. In order to avoid catastrophe, there are some specific things to do to ensure quality and affordable results. Let’s take a look at a few dos and don’t of home remodeling.

Do Know What You Want

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Before any work begins, get a clear picture of what you want to accomplish. Home remodeling, whether it’s for an upgrade, sale, or other reason, is a big project that takes a plan, time, and usually a lot of money. Starting without clarity will only slow things down and end up costing you more in the long run. Once you have this clarity, it’s time to do some research on cost and potential companies you might hire to do the work. For example, remodeling for remote work can be simple or require you to do more complicated remodeling. Of course, your plan will hinge on your budget and timeframe.

Speak to a home design professional about your ideas, and explore available options. Additionally, it might help to download a home renovation app so you can begin to explore it in a fun way. Many of these apps have links to things like actual products and tools. These features can help you budget and know more about the process even before you speak to professionals.

Don’t Do a Thing Without a Budget

After you decide on exactly what you want to accomplish, it’s time to put the numbers together for your home remodeling project. You may already know how much you have to spend but may not understand exactly what things will cost. It’s important to be realistic and to take all factors into consideration. After all, budgeting for a renovation isn’t something that you can just pull out of the air. You need lots of information about services, tools, products, and potential unexpected costs. Furthermore, unless you are a contractor yourself, you will likely need some help with more complicated projects and budgeting for them.

Do Thorough Research Before Hiring Contractors

Whether you’re hiring a building contractor, plumber, new york house painters, electrician, or any other kind of professional, I recommend thorough research before signing on the dotted line. You can research online, ask friends for recommendations, or, even better, both! It definitely pays to research; I have been taken a couple of times in the past by less than reputable folk. The damage done by these bogus contractors cost us so much money and time.

I know it can be tempting to hire someone who is cheaper or says it can be done faster. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and there is a reason these people don’t charge as much. Ask for names and contact info for their last 3 jobs, as well as other professional references and insurance information. There are also listing sites like Angie’s List that can help lead you to qualified professionals. 

Don’t Handle Difficult Projects on Your Own

dos and don'ts of home remodeling

As I said before, unless you are a contractor with a lot of experience, don’t take on complicated home projects on your own. You could end up doing more damage in the long run or even get hurt. Certain jobs have to be done by licensed professionals, such as crane hire work, heavy demolition, electrical rewiring, and even some plumbing work. Consult with a trusted professional to get details about the project. From there you can decide if there is any part of it you can do yourself.

Do Know How a Remodel Will Affect Your Home’s Value

You may be doing a remodel or renovation in order to sell your home. This will, of course, increase the value if done well. However, other types of remodels can actually hurt your home’s value. Consider the home’s true style, era, and where it is before doing anything major to the home. Adding modern fixtures to a country-style home, or adding rustic features to a modern space might one day alienate a potential home buyer. Of course, you can do whatever you want to your home, just be mindful of how it might affect future value.

Don’t Forget About Safety 

Whether you’re taking on the remodeling project yourself or hiring a professional, there is one word that needs to be at the forefront of your mind. Safety! This is especially true when you have children and pets in the house. This might mean sending them to a friend’s for a few days when work is being completed. If this isn’t possible, there are some other safety suggestions here. Do also talk to the workers you’ve hired about any special needs you or your family has. 

Do Get out of the House 

This is less about your home and more about your sanity levels. Any type of renovation project can be stressful, especially when you factor in the noise, clutter, and general inconvenience of having other people (if hiring tradespeople) in your home.

There will be times when stress threatens to overwhelm you, and it won’t be easy for your other family members either. Constantly finding dust particles in your morning cornflakes, and trying to rest with pounding and people talking isn’t fun.

Give yourself and your family a break by getting out of the house as frequently as you can. If you are working on your home yourself, don’t spend every available hour working. You need a rest, and your family needs to have time with you, so do something else, preferably away from home so you can all de-stress successfully. If you have workers there, don’t be afraid to leave them alone in the house. This is, of course, assuming you have picked somebody reputable, you shouldn’t have to worry about security. 



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