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Where Do I Fit Into The Changing Job Market?

As a savvy career woman, you obviously want to keep up with job trends and the ever changing market. Manual jobs are becoming fewer and farther between, especially as manufacturing is being outsourced to other countries. This trend also affects management and executive positions.  There isn’t any promise of these companies or jobs coming back anytime soon either. Fortunately, plenty of other types of jobs have emerged in their place. Still, you may be asking yourself this:  where do I fit into the changing job market?

These new kinds of jobs wouldn’t have existed 50, 20, or some, even ten years ago. If you traveled back in time 40 years and told an average person that “data programming” was a job option, they would have laughed in your face. Think about this as well: what we accept today as “technologically advanced” won’t be in the near future. that means what we believe is current and trending now will be archaic and obsolete. If you want to fit into the job market for the long term, you will need to be flexible and well-educated about changes.

The Future

It’s been estimated that up to 38% of jobs in the US are vulnerable to becoming outdated due to technological advancement. If those jobs go, then all the support jobs around them – such as administration or transport jobs – will go as well. That’s why this is a topic everyone should be concerned about. Companies and their employees may have adapted to high-velocity change in the last decade, but some experts believe that we have only scratched the surface.

Careers In Advancing Tech

Here’s the good news: technology is nowhere near capacity. In fact, a huge number of fields are experiencing a shortage in their workforce right now – and that’s a gap that’s just going to keep getting bigger and bigger. While there is some hope that digital immigrants will move into tech fields as the market changes, there’s no immediate sign of that happening yet.

If you look at the types of job vacancies that take the longest to fill, you see a huge demand gap. Industries and companies who want to hire, but qualified workers are scarce. A survey by Indeed reported that a staggering 86% of companies find it difficult to hire for tech-related roles. Furthermore, technology is rated as the number one field where there are the most vacanciesSo the job market might be changing, but there’s a new one rising up, thirsty for workers, and ready to take its place.

The Impact On You

There’s no doubt that if you want to secure your future, training and moving into a tech career looks like wisdom from most any angle. There’s a real shortage developing there, and by committing to a change, you could surf the crest of the wave. Of course, you then have to determine what sort of role you might be interested in. Here are a few to consider:

Medical Coding

On the aforementioned list of the industries with the highest number of job vacancies, health care ranked second behind technology. Medical coding allows you to combine both of these industries; the technological demands of being able to track and generate healthcare invoicing, and it’s in a healthcare field. Fittingly, you can get online training to move into a field that will ensure you’re always in demand.

App Development

It seems every store has its own app now; they are becoming a staple, even for the smallest of businesses. Those apps, of course, have to come from somewhere. Learning how to develop an app for yourself is a skill you could then offer to other companies. Your new found skills could help contribute to the app boom, and you’ll no doubt pick up a few other helpful coding tips along the way.

Cloud Engineer

Ranked by Forbes as the third most in-demand job, Cloud Engineers are in demand and needed across many industries. In essence, cloud engineering is focused on developing cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive. Rather than relying on data being stored in a physical way, cloud usage allows information to be accessed from multiple locations. Moving your career into the development and maintenance of clouds could be one of the best moves you’ve ever made. 

No matter what industry you are in now, consider what future it may have. Will it fall due to technological advancement and digital transition? Can you do something to prepare for this type of change? I do know that keeping up with the news, financial markets, and future predictions will help you to navigate the inevitable change coming down the pike.


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