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Fortunate Friday: Adaptability

When things change in our lives (purposely or not), we have two choices; we can refuse to accept the circumstances and fight them, or we can go with the proverbial flow.  Of course, different events cause varying reactions.  Not to mention personality can play a role in emotions and actions.  And, though it can be impossible to predict how you would react in adverse situations; you can access your past reactions to understand yourself a little better.  I have acquired adaptability over the years, as I’ve found that it is the best way to make it through life without damaging your health with stress and worry; for this, I am fortunate.

We Can Learn From Animals

This week our beloved cat sustained an unknown trauma that severely dislocated and broke one of his back legs.  We rushed him to the emergency animal hospital only to learn that the options were a $2000 surgery to repair the leg or an amputation that would be only a few hundred dollars.  Well, this really wasn’t a choice for us, as  we simply did not have the money to pay for the reconstruction surgery.  So, we took him to our vet the next day and they scheduled the amputation.

Hunky (our cat) is extremely active and loves to roam the area and look for adventures (and mice).  We worried that he would be unable to do anything once his leg was gone.  However, the vet assured us that he would adapt and be fine with his new situation.  Today, he is home and has already been walking around (more like hopping) and actually jumped on the bed by himself.  It’s a true example of adaptability.  If only we humans could do so well with change.

The key to this ability to adjust is in the brain – thoughts.  We have to do what is required to get the job done and not think about how hard or different it is.  Like the three-legged cat that doesn’t dwell on emotions and pain, we must rely on our instinct of survival.  We can’t lay down and give up because it hurts.

Think about a situation in which you experienced great change.  What did you feel and how did you react?  Tell us your story.  Be well-be beautiful.

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