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Fortunate Friday: Truth

A woman’s day is filled with opportunities.  We give, receive, love, hate; we choose in which direction our lives go; we seek truth or we settle for less.  It’s up to us to find true joy and fulfillment.  One of the things that I need for my own sanity is truth.  And finding it is what I’m thankful for this Fortunate Friday.  This  post isn’t meant to stir up a philosophical debate about religion or politics; it’s just a reminder that we have a right to look for (and find) that which resonates with our inner being.

Remembering that every part of us (inside and out) has a purpose in the mix of life.  There is truth in every feeling and every thought.  It doesn’t matter what boundary you put on your self-awareness.  The dreams deep inside of you keep on churning regardless of whether you pay attention to them.   Making a connection is where you find the truth of your own purpose and existence.  I always get an answer when I ask God for truth.  It may not always be what I want to hear, but nevertheless I ask.

Questioning the Answers

Often I come to roadblocks in my own life simply because I’m unsure what the truth is about myself, someone else, or just my belief system.   Fortunately, I’m in good company.  These unsure feelings are normal and common.  We all struggle from time-to-time with our purpose and question our decisions.   The keys are to keep asking; keep learning; keep building on a good foundation.  Wisdom comes from trial and error as much -if not more- than from getting it right the first time.

A Law That Can’t Be Broken

Did you ever do something bad as a child and try to hide it from your parents?  And did they always find out the truth eventually?  Yeah…me too.  The fact is truth will always find it’s way to the top of the pile of lies we tell.  How?  Well, it’s a spiritual law.  Even our physical world follows a system of factual science – truth.  So no matter what we do, it rules.  Be thankful for this; it’s our life, our health, our very existence that counts on that system for vitality.

Today, I want you go beyond your usual thoughts and think about a truth that has escaped you recently.  Don’t stop seeking until you get the answer.  Wait on it…wait on it…it will come.  Tell me what you think about this post.  Maybe I do want a little philosophical discussion.  Be well-be beautiful.

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