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How To Overcome 4 Common Technology Dilemmas

Much of the population would agree that technology is taking over our lives. After all, we can’t go a day without new tech being poured into the market. From your home devices being controlled with your voice, cameras that add security, and mobile phones and apps, we are becoming more and more dependent on a technological world.

Whether you are a technophobe or someone that snags up every new piece of tech immediately, we all have issues when it comes to technology. With that in mind, here are some of the common technology dilemmas and some tips to overcome them. 

Having the Right Tech for the Job

Ever found yourself standing in a shop or searching online for a computer, printer, phone, or other technological device and feeling a little out of your depth? While technology is advancing all the time, so are the options that we have available to us. All these choices can actually cause some anxiety.

A big dilemma is investing in the right technology for the job. My best recommendation is to do your research before you make any decisions. This goes for purchasing anything in the tech arena. First, consider quality and function. Read grassroots reviews by real people. Though it is tempting, don’t go over your budget just to have the latest bells and whistles. 

Technology Causing More Harm than Good

There is no denying that using technology can create some problems with health. One of the main worries is electromagnetic fields that come from wireless technology. This is most apparent with our wireless routers in our homes for internet access, but there are concerns such as wireless mouse radiation and EMFs from our cell phones.

Thankfully, there is a lot of information about how to limit exposure and stay as safe as possible. I highly recommend checking out books about grounding such as Earthing, by Clint Ober. Do also look into using special devices to help curb the EMFs from the source. 

Recycling Old Technology

There are a few options to consider for recycling old tech. For example, when you need a new cell phone, consider sending your old one to a recycling company that will either refurbish the phone or salvage the relevant parts.

There are also some charitable organizations that accept old phones and other tech equipment. They will refurbish them and give them to families in need. Alternatively, you could always sell your old things at a garage sale or online.

You’re a Technophobe

There is no denying that the older we get, the more those technophobe tendencies come out. This is obviously because technology advances faster than most of us can keep up with. Do understand that it’s not necessary to have it all and understand it all. Keep things simple if tech stresses you out. You can also get detailed instructional videos online or from the company from which you purchased your devices. Just relax and enjoy technology for its main purpose- to make life easier.



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