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Most women who wear makeup, wear mascara. Whether you're a novice or an old pro, there are some fun ways to shake things up a bit with your lashes. Try any or all of the following tips to create a fun, youthful look that fits your style.

How To Use Mascara For A Youthful Look

clean-beautyMost women who wear makeup, wear mascara. Whether you’re a novice or an old pro, there are some fun ways to shake things up a bit with your eye makeup, especially your lashes. Try any or all of the following tips to create a fun, youthful look that fits your style.

Finding the Right Mascara

Choose mascara that has a brush with more bristles like, Maybelline, Full and Soft for a smooth coverage that separates lashes well. I often try other brands but always go back to this one because it works for me. Smaller wands can be helpful in getting the product closer to your lash line for a more natural look. The new products; such as, Loreal Double Extend, Tube Technology, can give you a longer looking lashes instantly. These types of mascaras are two part procedures. First, you apply the white extension material to clean lashes, and then you go over them with the color side. I like the look of long lashes, but this product does have the tendency to clump easily.

Care and Hygiene

When using your mascara, try not to pump the wand into the bottle. Doing this can trap air in the tube causing it to dry prematurely. Instead, simply twist gently until the desired amount of product is on the brush. If your bristles are getting clumpy and stuck together, it may be time to replace. You can and should wash it with mild soap and warm water regularly. Make sure to dry it completely before returning it to the tube. Don’t forget to replace your tube every 2-3 months even if it is seemingly full. Bacteria and viruses can build up on the wand and in the tube. Trust me; you don’t want an eye infection.

Using an Eyelash Curler

If you have never used an eye lash curler, now would be a great time to start with the bold, curled lash trend we are seeing. Buy a good one that will not break down after a few uses. Always start with clean, dry lashes; never curl lashes after you have applied your mascara as this will cause breakage.


  1.  Tilt your head back slightly and open your eyes about half way.
  2. Slide lashes through the opening as close to the lash line as possible and squeeze gently at first- in case you have  grabbed skin by mistake. OUCH!
  3.  If it feels comfortable, continue to squeeze firmly for ten seconds.
  4. Slide your lashes out a little further (about halfway) and repeat.
  5.  For an exaggerated curl, try heating the curler up with a blow dryer for a few seconds. Be extremely careful! Your eye area is sensitive and will burn if the curler is too hot.

This will take some practice to perfect. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never go back to straight lashes again!

Color Mascara

I have recently noticed color mascara coming back. Blue, burgundy, green, and even silver have been added to some of the main cosmetic lines for the season. Even Avon has their versions of the trend. Some cosmetic companies; such as, Almay, have taken it a step further by offering products that complement your eye color. Experiment with a unique palette for your lashes when you’re not going anywhere, in case it doesn’t work out. That way you have it down for the special event or night out.

Creative Applicationseyelashes

Another way to be different is to apply mascara to only the outer half of upper lashes. This creates a flirty, youthful look especially after curling them. Adding eyeliner slightly past your natural outer corner will make this look complete.  If you really want to spice things up, go for the false eyelashes sold at any drugstore. Be careful with the glue, my daughter glued her eye shut once! Seriously, just follow the directions on the package; it’s not that hard to do.

Try the “Mink Look” by applying brown mascara to entire lashes, and then tip them with black or another dark color. For best results, let the first color dry completely.


Don’t be tempted to immediately wipe off mascara mistakes; instead, wait until they dry. The product will just flake off without leaving a mark.

  • Do try new ways of wearing your make-up.
  • Don’t EVER use someone else’s mascara!
  • Do look for closeout sales on seasonal lines.
  • Don’t be afraid to use false eyelashes.Do use waterproof variety of mascara for events that you know will be emotional. Just say no to raccoon eyes!
  • Do wear just a thin coat of mascara for a natural look.
  • Don’t pump that wand!
  • Do look for organic products without the unnatural additives.
  • Don’t shy away from mascara because you think it’s too hard to put on; just practice.

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