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I Am Always Sick, What Is Causing It?

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My previous post, Why Am I Always Sick? 5 Culprits You Didn’t Consider, has become the most visited article on Women’s Life Link. So, I decided to do another one, revealing more elusive health zappers.  Being sick – I mean really sick – is, unfortunately, the state that millions of people are in and, what’s more, they are clueless as to what may be causing their problems. So, if you are waking up with the question… “I am always sick, what is causing it?” you are in the right place.

A part of the mystery lies in the fact that mainstream medicine practitioners often do not look at the human being as a whole; they only look at the obvious physical evidence of disease.  Now, not all physicians do this, but I feel safe in saying that the majority do.  The result leaves the patient only partially treated.  I want to bring to your attention five things that can hide from even the best doctors.

I Am Always Sick Culprit #1  Toxic Overload

Because the body is really good at removing toxins from the bloodstream, it can be difficult to detect overload with a typical annual physical.  Years of poor eating habits, alcohol and drug use (even prescriptions), smoking, environmental hazards can literally destroy your body systems and remain hidden until disease shows up.

The bad thing is that most people don’t share their true lifestyle with their doctors.  They might admit to drinking alcohol on occasion but elude to the fact that they do it every day.  Honesty, in this case, would help the doctor to understand what is going on inside the body and, therefore, make recommendations for changes and/or treatment.

I Am Always Sick Culprit #2 Wheat, Corn, Dairy Allergy Or Intolerance

Almost everything we eat contains one or more of these popular foods.  It’s nearly impossible to avoid them completely if you eat anything pre-made or processed.  Trust me; I know.  One of my daughters was allergic to these foods and about five others.  Fortunately, we were able to get a diagnosis fairly quickly because she developed a rash that clued us into her condition.

The problem is that it doesn’t always happen that way.  Allergies can go undetected for years if they don’t cause topical symptoms that red-flag the individual or her doctor.  Wheat, in particular, can cause a feeling of overall illness: fatigue, poor digestion, lackluster skin, headaches, depression, and the list goes on.  These symptoms are often seen as unrelated and treated as separate issues.  The patient may be put on prescription drugs for depression or headaches all the while the real problem goes untreated.

I Am Always Sick Culprit #3 Hypersensitivity

Being overly sensitive to environmental stimuli; such as light, sound, heat, cold, chemicals, and touch can cause the body systems to react defensively.  Those defensive maneuvers are what can make you feel sick.  While the body is trying to protect itself from being invaded, you can feel sick or as though something isn’t quite right.  Well, that’s what you are supposed to feel.

Pain and illness are the result of something being wrong.  As a migraineur, I have experienced hypersensitivity at times.  It didn’t show up overnight; it developed slowly and over a period of time.  I’ve also found that avoiding the thing that you’re sensitive to can actually make it worse.  A slow process of desensitization is the way I overcame most of my hypersensitivity.

I Am Always Sick Culprit #4 Emotional/Mental Imbalance

Now here’s one of those things that can really go undetected for a LONG time.  Because we are three part beings (body, mind, spirit), an imbalance in any of the three areas can greatly affect the other two.  Going long periods of time without emotional fulfillment or with negative emotional input is a culprit that can cause everything from headaches to digestive issues.  In come cases, it might even lead to more serious conditions.  This type of imbalance sneaks up on you and can be subtle enough that you don’t notice the change in your attitude and mood until someone else says something.  Annual emotional and mental evaluation should be a part of your health regimen, even if it’s just a self-evaluation.

 I Am Always Sick Culprit #5 Spiritual Imbalance

As with emotional problems, spiritual stagnation can devastate your health.  Some of you may not even be spiritually aware or even care about this part of your being.  I’m not here to tell you what to do in that area, but I do recommend at least exploring the idea that there may be more to your life than just your physical and mental properties.  In doing so, you could open yourself up to new energy that your body and mind will feel and adjust positively to…better health is a result of balance.  For those of you who do understand your spirituality, you might just be a little out of balance and need to invest some time in that area.

Let us know if this information was helpful to you.  By all means, add your own health tips and comments about the post.

Be well-be beautiful-be happy!

***The content of this post is strictly informational and is not meant to replace the advice of a healthcare professional. Women’s Life Link, its owners, authors, associates, commentators, and linked sites do not claim that the content posted on this site will cure or improve any disease or condition. 

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