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The Importance of Good Posture

I was thinking about how many women don’t reach their body’s beauty potential because of poor posture.  I have been guilty of this horrible laziness for most of my life.  However, I do check myself when I feel that the old habits returning.  Unfortunately, I also see my daughters falling prey to the same chronic slouching.  I’m always telling them to stand up straight – I just get rolling eyes and an “oh, Mom.”  But, did I listen to my mother when she harped at me over the same thing?  NO.  So, here I am today with problems…just ask my chiropractor.

Good Posture From a Health Perspective

Though I’m not a doctor of any sort, I can tell you that a bad posture can affect your body in devastating ways.  First, the pressure from the imbalance alone can cause pain, misalignment, pinched nerves, and improper circulation of blood.  Any one of these symptoms would red flag a health care practitioner that something is wring.  Chiropractors and Osteopaths are the best at diagnosing spine conditions from a natural stand point.  However, they will send you to an Orthopedic Physician if needed.

I guess the thing to realize is, you do have some control over the health of your spine.  You can stand straighter, sleep on a better mattress, and watch out for neck and back strain.  And, when you do get the symptoms I spoke of, you can allow a chiropractor to evaluate your condition and treat you accordingly.  I know many people fear chiropractors because they heard about someone’s bad experience or they simply don’t understand how it works; here’s the deal:

The Pros

Spine experts, such as, chiropractors present therapy from a holistic perspective.  They know the bones, nerves, and organs won’t heal and function properly without the foundational health of the spine.  The care they give you is based on more than just the position of your bones.  You wouldn’t believe all the ailments and chronic conditions you can get from pore spine health.  Yes, it’s that serious!  Once you obtain proper alignment, you must maintain it with good posture and the recommended maintenance program.  Another one of those “easier said than done” dilemmas.  Keep in mind that creating new, healthier habits will take time.  There will be backsliding…no pun intended.  Just work on it.

Healthy RewardsLittle_Black_Dress_by_visioluxus

  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Less pain
  • Fewer subluxions (misaligned vertebrae)
  • Increased circulation (better blood pressure)
  • Increased cognitive ability (less pressure on your brain stem)
  • Better energy flow throughout body
  • Lessons chance of developing spinal malformations as you age
  • Decreased risk for injuries
  • Engages muscles resulting in a stronger core

Good Posture from a Beauty Perspective

There are definite health benefits for walking tall, but what about beauty boosters?  You bet!  The first thing I think of is the line that you create when your back is straight.  When you shift your hips forward just a bit, pull your shoulders back, and lift your head up and back, the result is astonishing.  Losing a visual five pounds never got easier.  The reason is, you have to engage your core muscles in order to pull your spine into alignment, subsequently, giving a slimmer more confident look.

It’s true that most people will view a person with good posture as “confident” and well “put-together.”  I know this because I do it.  When I see slouchers, (remember, I am a recovering one) I sense that they want to recede and hide from the world.  And, guess what?  They do.  On the other hand, walking and sitting with proper posture is a clue that you are ready and able to handle what life throws at you.

Let’s talk about the girls for a moment.  You see, when you shrink down into your ribcage, your breasts do not get the support that they need.  Even a good bra won’t do its job if you can’t line up!  We’re talking instant breast lift. The added support will take that stress off your neck and shoulders, also giving you a more defined, natural beauty.

I just realized that I wear high heels because it forces me to have good posture (and, of course, they are sexier).  If you lean too far forward while sporting any heel over two inches, you will likely feel off balance.  They force you to lean back slightly while pulling your shoulders back.  My chiropractor swears that heels are horrible for your spine, but I believe, for me, it is a reminder to walk with confidence (good posture).

Beauty Rewards

  • Reach your height potential (for short women, this is a must)
  • Lifts your breasts
  • Shows off the bone structure of your shoulders
  • You look better in clothes
  • Lessons the sag of loose skin (body and face)
  • You look better in photos and video
  • Less pain, so you smile more
  • Confidence in your look

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  1. So true, if you are out of alignment, other things go wrong. It’s the same as when your car is out of alignmert! Think about it! Additionally, great posture is such a major part of your best look!!

  2. Oh, gosh, I needed to read this. I catch myself slouching at the computer all the time! Thanks!

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