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Insurance Companies and Alternative Medicine

Tip of the Iceberg Tuesday

(A little controversy for your day)

Because I have suffered from chronic migraine for about eight years now, treatment options (that I would consider)  are getting slimmer by the minute in mainstream medicine.  This fact is one of the reasons why I am so interested and knowledgeable about alternative therapies and the use of natural remedies.  So, if the “regular” medicine doesn’t work, and I’m left to suffer with ungodly headaches, wouldn’t you think that “other” alternative therapies could possibly help?  Well, yes, they could and they do.  Then wouldn’t you think that insurance companies might see the benefit of such alternatives and actually cover them?

Let me tell you a little story. 

Once upon a time, there lived a farmer named Hannah.  She lived in a great kingdom that was the home of many other farmers like herself.  Every day she would tend to her beautiful gardens of fine vegetables and grains.  Just like all the farmers in the land, she wanted her garden to be healthy and produce the best food for her family and others who would buy her bounty.

One day, she realized that her gardens and crops were not doing so well; they were sick and would not produce healthy food if she did not do something about it.  Because Hannah had paid her monthly dues to the kingdom, she went to the castle to speak to the king about her problem; they would surely know what to do for her precious gardens.

After  meeting with the king’s finest agriculturalists and crop specialists, together they agreed on what would be done to treat her ailing plants.  For weeks the king’s specialists tended to Hannah’s garden.  To Hannah’s dismay, there was only a slight change in the condition of her prized vegetables and grain crops.  They would soon languish if they could not find the answer.

While shopping at the kingdom’s large marketplace for some sugar, Hannah met an unusual woman.  She was different from most of the women she knew to live in the kingdom.

“I’m Angelina,” she said and extended a hand to Hannah.  “I am from a nearby kingdom and desire to open my business here.”

“What is your business?”  Hannah asked.

The woman smiled and said, “I sell wonderful formulas that make gardens grow beautifully.  I also know how to make sick gardens and crops well again.”

Hannah’s eyes widened and the broadest smile appeared on her face.  “You do?  That’s fantastic!  The king will be so pleased that you have come to help us!”

Angelina looked puzzled.  “Oh, I don’t know the king.  I have come here on my own.”

“But you must go to him and ask if you can join the kingdom’s agriculturist and crop specialists.  Nothing that they have done has helped my crops.  I’m afraid they will perish without the proper care.”  Hannah’s smile turned to a pleading stare.

The King’s Castle

Angelina agreed with Hannah’s idea.  They journeyed to the castle to speak to the king.  Hannah was welcomed at the great gate but Angelina could not pass through because they did not know her to be a resident of the kingdom.  She tried to convince the gate keeper that she was there to help the farmers with their crops.  Upon much convincing, she finally was able to go in with Hannah.

“Dear King, I have found someone who can help with my gardens and crops.  She has come from another kingdom to bring her special formulas to the farmers.  Will you let her join your agriculturalists and crop specialists?”

Angelina stood by and waited with Hannah while the king deliberated her request with his court of distinguished men.  Finally, he returned.

“Hannah, we can not allow this Angelina to join our kingdom, for she does not have the same credentials that my agriculturalists and crop specialists do.  She is not a real crop specialist, you see.  I will not forbid you to use her services or buy her products, but you must pay her with your own money,” the king said with a firm tone.

Hannah’s heart sank.  She knew that she could not pay Angelina for her special formulas.  Her family could barely pay for the essentials and the monthly kingdom dues.  The two women left the castle.  Angelina wished Hannah the best and returned to the marketplace with sadness that she could not help her.  Hannah went back to her farm where she was forced to watch her beloved gardens and crops wither.  She could only hope that her family would be able to get the money for Angelina’s treatments and special formulas.

The Moral

Insurance companies won’t pay for alternative treatments because they support others who support them – the big money exchange.  You see, the alternative, natural treatments actually work making the use of pharmaceuticals and hospitals unnecessary.  The healthcare conglomerate would collapse without the use of these important elements (agriculturalists and crop specialists).  It’s a sad truth that we need to address with resolve.  How can we fight the system on this?  What do you think about how insurance companies do business?  Please share your thoughts.  Be well-be beautiful.

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  1. I often wish that my insurance company would cover “nontraditional” medicine. We’d switch over to a naturopath lickety split if that were the case. I’m a firm believer that many common diseases and ailments can be cured with exercise, nutrition, acupuncture, etc. – as opposed to drugs and surgery. If only insurance agencies and the medical establishment felt the same way…

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