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Is Numerology For Me?

While structured religious guidance can be a source for deeper spiritual grounding for many, there are other forms of practice that can bring helpful insight. Examples of these systems more reliant on patterns, numbers, and dates, are astrology and numerology. Perhaps, you have wondered about them and whether they would fit into your life and spiritual practices. Let’s take a peek into numerology specifically.

What is Numerology?

Though some consider numerology a divinatory art, it is also considered a science that deals with the connections between events, numbers, and patterns we encounter. Words, numbers, and patterns generate various meanings, depending on how they are combined. There are, however, set definitions for each number.

A numerologist is someone who reads the number combinations and assigns numerological significance as it applies to a client’s life and future. Every digit has a trait, a characteristic, or an emotion. By developing this understanding of numbers, numerologists can delve deeper into an individual’s personality, desires, wants, and needs. You can also get your life path number by following a couple of very simple steps. Take your date of birth and add each digit together until you reach a single number.

For example, say your date of birth is 21/6/1981. Add together 2+1+6+1+9+8+1. This totals 28. Add 2+8. This totals 10. Finally, add 1+0. This totals 1. This is your life path number which you can use to deduce many things about your life. By definition, your life path dictates your relationship with the world and others, according to practitioners. Some say it helps them to make better decisions and organize their lives.

The History of Numerology

For many people, the concept of numerology holds more weight than oracle style practices. It is more tangible as it relies on numbers -that in itself can offer more stability and consideration as having scientific or mathematical significance.

Numerology began in Egypt and Babylon. Ancient Rome, Greece, as well as China and Japan, also developed numerological systems that helped them determine world systems, some of which we still use today.

Interestingly, these were not shared ideas, they developed independently across all areas of the globe in ancient times. Many societies saw the value in numbers and began building their communities based on the significance of numbers. Many historians credit numerology as a central reason why Babylonian and Egyptian societies advanced over others.

Well, respected Greek philosopher Pythagoras also saw numerology as a valid concept worthy of exploration. As a mathematician, he gave weight and credibility to a concept that could have been viewed as mythical or quackery in those times.

Why Explore Numerology?

Numerology isn’t something that will predict your future, help you contact dead loved ones, or heal you from a long-standing injury. Numerology has a more scientific grounding and aims to demonstrate how set things like your name and birth date shape your relationship with the universe and can help you make better life choices.

It can provide great personal insight and help you to understand yourself a little better. Even if you don’t understand how it works, getting a numerology reading isn’t invasive or stressful. From there, you can choose how to view your results and how much you allow them to guide you.

A numerology reading involves many complex calculations that result in your own personal numerology chart. A numerologist will explain how the numerological pathway was derived. She can then interpret these numbers and explain your relationship with the cosmos.

Depending on the number being calculated, a numerologist can delve into your career goals, relationships, and personality traits. For those individuals who lack direction or feel lost, numerology can give them the motivation and answers that they crave. By understanding yourself a little more, you can be empowered to make decisions for the betterment of your life.

While numerology is not a new thing, many people aren’t aware of how it can help them to explore and strengthen their spiritual side. If you are looking to give your life more meaning, consider venturing into the world of numerology.

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