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Key Situations That Call For A Lawyer

We all know that if you’re arrested or involved in a criminal matter, you need a lawyer. But that’s not the only time you should seek legal advice. There are many situations that could prompt the assistance of a lawyer, and few of them are criminal. Attorneys can help you with a variety of legal matters, from signing a contract to finalizing a divorce. There are times when seeking a lawyer is optional, but there are other events when it would be foolish not to hire one. Often people say that they can’t afford an attorney. However, legal experts will often reply that those individuals can’t afford not to have one. Check out these top events for which you should always seek out legal advice.

Starting a Business

Launching a business is something that many people do in their lifetime. Some experiment at a young age, others first gather experience, and some wait until retirement. Some business models can be very low risk and may not require you to shell out money for an attorney, but others will. You might not have to put much money into a company you can run from your home office. However, even with these businesses, you should still protect yourself. Taking out the right insurance will help, but it’s also a good idea to seek legal advice. An attorney could help you with several matters, including patent protections and trademarks. Hiring a lawyer, when you start a business, could help you save money and protect you from unforeseen legal trouble down the road.


Contrary to what TV and movies show you, you don’t always need a lawyer when you get divorced. However, there are several situations when you should hire an attorney. If your spouse already has a lawyer, you should make sure you get one, too. Law firms like Skillern Firm can help with issues ranging from dividing property to working out child support. It is also good idea to hire a lawyer in situations of abuse. The attorney can help to advocate for the victim and make sure they are fairly represented. Lawyers are also useful for custody cases, which can get complicated when parents find it difficult to work together.

Being Sued

If you’re ever served court papers, you should never ignore them. Failing to attend a court date, even if you think the suit is ridiculous, could result in a default judgement against you. Though, it isn’t always necessary to have a lawyer. For example, in many places, lawyers are not allowed in small claims court. However, it can still be beneficial to seek legal advice, even if they don’t come to court with you. There are other occasions when it’s essential to hire a lawyer. You can be sued for almost any reason, and it’s important to know your rights and be able to defend yourself.

Dealing with Real Estate

It isn’t standard everywhere to hire a lawyer when you buy or sell a home. However, it’s the best course of action if you want to protect yourself. Dealing with real estate involves a lot of money and valuable assets. You could open yourself up to a lot of trouble if you don’t get some legal advice first. There are also Real Estate organizations to help guide you through this process is hiring an attorney is out of the question.

Many situations in life require an attorney and some don’t. And, of course, there are many more that we haven’t listed here. If you’re unsure, it’s easy to find out whether it’s best to hire one. Most lawyers offer free consultations to determine the urgency and value of your case. Ask as many questions as you can during this session to make a quality decision if you want to hire him or her or go it alone. 

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