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Lather, Inc. Product Review and Giveaway

Planting Seeds for Headache Awareness

I was recently contacted by a rep from Lather, Inc., a natural beauty company based in Pasadena, California.  She shared a little about the products and the fact that Lather was raising money for the  National Headache Foundation with each sale of a new gift package called The Planting Seeds Kit.  I was happy to help spread the word that for every one sold, the ten-year-old company is donating $5.00 to the NHF that will help fund headache awareness, research and outreach – all desperately needed.

Owner, Emilie Davidson-Hoyt (whom you will get to meet later this month in Beautiful Women), after suffering most of her life with disabling migraine headaches, was actually  inspired by the positive affect that a simple bar of lavender soap had on her when she placed it gift_planting_seeds_lgunder her pillow at night.  It was through this discovery that she gained a passion for natural essential oils and the healing power of aromatherapy.  Lather, Inc. was born.

The $20.00 kit includes a 4 oz. bar of lavender soap, a 4 oz. lavender-scented candle, and a lavender seeds packet.  This beautiful care package makes a healing gift for any headache sufferers in your life or just a smell-good treat for you.

My Experience with Lather Products

Lather, Inc. sent me a generous package of products to try for my involvement with the Planting Seeds Promotion.  I am happy to share my honest opinion with you.  The first product I experienced was the Bamboo Silk Foaming Face Scrub with Lemongrass, $21.  This gently exfoliating cleanser made my skin feel extremely clean and refreshed after use.  I also found that it didn’t take much to do the job.  It’s simple, natural scent is great for those of us who can’t take strong smells without flying into a headache.

I also had the opportunity to use two of their body exfoliants, the Almond Creme Body Buff, $18, and the Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub, $38.  Both of these scrubs, though very different from each other, left my skin feeling smoother and younger.  The Bamboo Lemongrass is a firmer scrub with powdered bamboo and various impurity-lifting ingredients to slough off dead skin and toxins.  My personal favorite is the Almond one though.  It brought back fond memories of drinking almond tea with my mom.  A lighter, creamier scrub, I found it most pleasant because of the luscious scent and the ease in which it flowed over my skin.  BTW, Lather is gifting one lucky reader this WLL favorite!  See below for your chance to win the Almond Creme Body Buff for yourself!

Overall, I found everything I tried to be high quality and within my standards for natural products.  I definitely recommend that you give them a try for any skin care need you have.  I noticed they carry products for acne as well.  Also, watch for Emilie Davidson-Hoyt’s interview coming up in Beautiful Women in a couple weeks.  Be well-be beautiful.

Win the Almond Creme Body Buff

Do any or all of the following to enter in the giveaway.  Each item will get you the specified entries in the random drawing.  Make sure to leave a comment for each thing you do so it will be counted properly.  Good luck! Contest ends 11:59 pm est. on 11/11/09.

1. Go to Lather.com and check out their goodies.  Come back and tell us what product(s) you would most like to try (1 entry).

2.  Purchase The Planting Seeds Kit (5 entries).

3.  Blog about Lather, Inc. or The Planting Seeds Kit (5 entries).

4.  Follow us on Twitter (one entry), womenslifelink.

5.  Become our fan on Facebook (one entry), Women’s Life Link.

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  1. I went to Lather.com and saw the Planting seeds gift packet you were reviewing. That’s the one I would like to have. I love the soothing and calming effects of lavender. I sometimes have tension headaches and this product sounds wonderful!!

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