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Men-On-Pause: Not To Be Confused with Menopause

Have you ever just wanted to take a break from the man in your life?  Picture it – a whole day (or year) without him.


No more having to explain (for the hundredth time) why you get grumpy every month.  Or why you wake up drenched in sweat (for those of you gals who are actually menopausal).  I’m almost there – perimenopausal.

No more trying to “talk him into” getting healthy.  You can just head to the grocery and not feel guilty about spending the entire food budget on veggies, whole grains, and the lean meats.  You laugh devilishly as you pass the little powdered donuts, the Mountain Dew, and the pork sausage.

No more telling him to get his cholesterol and blood pressure down, his mood and languishing libido up, or his head out of his ass.

Your meditation time would surely be much more productive, as you wouldn’t be thinking about whether he took the trash out, remembered to get the oil changed in the car or put the salt in the water softener.  You could just do it yourself…done.

Knowing that you were right all along, (and since you’re on a break from him) you won’t have to emphatically say, “I told you so!”

You can just ask a trusted girlfriend (instead of him) if your outfit looks good and actually know that you are getting an honest answer.

I don’t even need to mention the floor that doesn’t have a wet towel, dirty underwear, or yesterday’s clothes laying on it.

A world without men (for a day).

Be well-be beautiful.

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