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Life’s Stepping Stones

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stepping-stonesStepping stones of all shapes and sizes are used in gardens to make the path easier to see and also to make it more decorative. Something I find interesting about stepping stones is that the path has already been chosen by the gardener and then she lays the stepping stones. Some decorate the stones with beads, gemstones, glitter and other smaller stones and glass to make the stepping stones more distinctive.  This gives us an awesome analogy for our lives.

While some pathways have stepping stones laid out in a precise fashion and order, others are bland and just there for the need to have a pathway. Either way, without tending, a path gets weeds, dirt, and unwanted debris on the path. And, sometimes, that path breaks down from the weather or constant use.

While many of us use walkways of all kinds in our daily life, from sidewalks to dirt paths, there is one thing for certain:  Sometimes something or someone gets in the way of the path we are on.

We all have those moments in our lives when we look back and we say, “Wow! I wish I had done that differently!” We have also had those moments when we regret something so much we cannot get past it. These are the past failures or situations that we believe are keeping us from reaching our goals…the stumbling blocks.

Someone once said,  “If your past hinders your future, then you have allowed the situation to control instead of taking control of a situation.”  That wise person also said that stumbling blocks CAN be stepping stones ANYTHING we feel has gotten in the way of dreams can be  a stepping stone IF we see the lesson in it.

Trials can be triumphs. Mistakes can be miracles. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Many of you have heard these positive statements.  Walk on your stepping stones, don’t stumble on your past mistakes. Look forward instead of back. Burn some bridges to build some new ones if you need to.

Life is too short to beat ourselves up over what we were not able to do in the past. What about now?

Walk on your unique stepping stones.

Decorate them with intent!

Promise to give yourself the time it will take to move forward.

March  into your life with your head held high, knowing that you CAN accomplish anything you set your mind to!


About Karin Rochelle

My desire is to reach out to women with three goals in mind. Encourage. Enlighten. Engage. I also carry these desires into my music. This year I hope to expand my horizons not just for myself, but for those around me. I would like to encourage women to build each other up, to take risks and focus on goals and succeed in the challenges of everyday life. Nothing is too hard to accomplish with a support system. I want to enlighten or reconnect them to concepts they hold dear but have fallen away from, teaching how to make wiser decisions that not only focus on personal well being but that of mankind.

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  1. I love this article. Thinking about stepping stones, I immediately thought about those paths people lay where the steps are too far apart for your stride, you know the ones. (particularly for shorties like me!) But I think women may also be guilty of laying the stepping stones too far apart in their journey, meaning setting a goal that is too far away or too hard to step towards, without mini goals (mini stones) in between to make the path easier to tread. I imagine it’s being kind to yourself, laying some pretty pavers that flow seamlessly down the path.

    • yes, most definitely! And those pretty pavers are like ‘tending your acre’ which another one of our authors wrote of this month! if you have not seen her article check it out. Tending Your Acre. Thank you for replying! It is wonderful to know that the message is understood and has helped someone along their way.

  2. Thank you for such an important post. I know one thing that trips up (excuse the pun) a lot of women is remembering that the bumps in the road are the stepping stones of the future. I’ve certainly had lots of experience with the stumbling part. Hind sight is great, but staying calm and collected during the journey is the key to balance and long-term success at life. Thank God for those stepping stones to get us through any terrain!

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