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Loneliness: Is It Dangerous?

Have you ever considered how loneliness affects not only your mood but your physical health?  This melancholy emotion obviously can have detrimental affects on your mental health, which is reason enough to work through the underlying causes. However, research is emerging that suggests there may be a link between loneliness and heart disease, especially in women.   So, be it you’re friendless, in the middle of a break up, or just find it hard to meet people, you might want to evaluate just how bad your loneliness is.  Although, the solutions may not be that easy to come by when the fulfillment of any social relationship involves the actions of others.  And, you can’t change someone else.

Tell Your Doctor

If you have constant feelings that you think might be contributing to health issues, I advise you to discuss your unique situation with your health care provider.  You could be suffering from more serious mental health conditions like depression or social-anxiety.  I came across this story on Msnbc.com and thought it a worthy read for you ladies.

Five Negative Side-Effects of Loneliness

 1.  You question your self-worth

2.  You aren’t yourself

3.  Your goals are harder to reach without social support

4.  Physical problems like headaches, fatigue, and chronic pain can set in

5.  You always think you did something wrong

Five Things That Help Overcome Loneliness

1.  Reaching out to friends

2.  Finding your purpose

3.  Journaling

4.  Helping someone else

5.  Meeting new people

 You Tell Us

Please share your experience with loneliness.  Make sure to tell us how you deal with it.  Be well-be beautiful.

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