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More Instant Health Boosters: Prevention

With H1N1 on the rise and hitting much too close to home for my liking (2 people have died from it in my state recently), I thought it was a good time to flex some preventative muscle.  Here are 10 more instant health boosters that you can apply today, or at least this week.

1.  Add more of these foods and drinks to your diet: fresh garlic, oranges, spinach, whole grains, carrots, green tea, white tea, Brazil nuts, and yogurt.

2.  Eat breakfast – By eating a healthful breakfast, you give your body something in which to start its day, to fight off infection, and to balance stress – all things that will prevent disease in the long run.

3.  Stay away from the vending machines – There is nothing good that will come out of them…ever.  From soda to those little powder donuts, it’s all bad and will hang a sign on your back that says: “Kick me where it hurts – my failing immune system.”  Plan ahead for those “hungry” times.  Keep a stash of nuts or whole grain crackers in your desk.

4.  Pay attention to your body – Take action with the slightest throat tingle or body ache.  By that I mean start taking your extra vitamin C, D, and A; rest if you can; pop a couple of zinc lozenges; and drink some hot, green tea.

4.  Visualize yourself healthy – Get a detailed picture in your mind that you can connect with emotionally.  Maybe it is of you doing something that you couldn’t do if you were sick.  See your body moving freely, your lungs filling with good air, and your body as an impenetrable wall that no disease or virus can destroy.

5.  Carry hand sanitizer with you everywhere…and USE IT.

6.  Wipe down surfaces more often with anti-bacterial cleaner (don’t forget your cell phone, ipod, and remote controls).

7.  Watch what you say – How many of you frequent these statements: “I’m so sick of this,” or “I always get the flu.”  Truthfully, you can bring negative things, including the flu, to yourself by your negative words.  Instead, try speaking in a more positive way.  “My immune system is getting stronger everyday.”

8.  Find a stress reliever that works – Stress lowers your defenses faster than a bad diet.  And if you happen to have both; you may be in trouble.  Try slowing down a bit.  Give yourself a break from the grind by meditating, taking a long bath, walking, or talking with an old friend.

9.  Don’t forget the car – Regularly disinfect the interior of your car, car seats, and any items that you use while driving; such as, sunglasses, Cd’s, and GPS systems.

10.  Don’t be afraid – Just as speaking positive words is important, so is your attitude.  If you walk around in fear of getting sick, guess what?  You probably will.  Now, be well-be beautiful!

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