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Mother’s Energy

Introspective Sunday

You know how they say you thrive in the areas of your life on which you focus most of your attention?   I was thinking about how much energy we moms put into the lives of our children and how much we have  taken from our own mothers.  There should be lots of thriving going on.  How is it we can feel so inadequate at times?  Do we have this built in drive that pushes us and causes us to take the next step in search of bettering our role as a mom?  I hope so.  Without the mothering instinct, would any of us really stand a chance?  I don’t think so…

This one of a kind energy, that always manages to show up, finds exactly where it needs to go.  Maybe it’s a scraped knee, a bad grade, a broken heart, or even a failed marriage; like magic, it’s there, and we are the brave souls who fight to comfort and rescue our young, the first responders.

Our parenting journey takes us to joy, heartache, to absolute bliss and back again; no matter what the case, we prevail with our energy in tact.  Even if it gets a little low, there is always enough for our children.  Case and point:  I limped with a sprained ankle over a gravel parking lot three times today to watch my son’s baseball game.  Why?  Because it made him happy.  There is no pain too great or task too exhausting for a mom if it brings joy to her child.

Thanks Mom(s)

Mom, thanks for the years I had you here with me.  I think of you everyday and remember the good times we shared and your undying love.  Your energy is still very much alive in my life.  The lilac is for you.  I love you forever.

Thank you, Susy, for standing in for her.  You don’t know how much I appreciate your love.  Stepmother’s rock!  The peony is for you.  I love you forever.

Ceil, you have blessed me over the past nineteen years as my mother-in-law.  Thanks for giving me your son.  The gerbera daisy is for you.  I love you forever.

I’d also like to say thank you to all the moms out there for all that you do for your families.  Take care of yourselves; they need you well, beautiful, and happy.  The video is for every mother…


Photo 1 by Closer-to-Heaven

Photo 2 by L4HL1ZZD4H

Photo 3 by Sheltiemad

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  1. There is always enough for our kids… so true, isn’t it? Even when we are sick or tired or whatever it may be, if our kids are in need, all of that seems to go away. We are so powerful, us moms. Sometimes, I think we forget that.

    Hugs to you today, my friend. Loved this post!

  2. What a beautiful and touching post. Happy mom’s day Kellie.

  3. Stunning pics! I love the post so much! 😉

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