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Now that we understand exactly what I'm talking about, let's get to it. First, the need to be kind (without planning it) for some is apparent, while for others it might hesitantly sneak out after much deliberation...I said might.

Random Acts of Kindness

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Random – lacking any definite plan or order or purpose.

Kindness – the quality of being warmhearted, considerate, humane, and sympathetic. 


Now that we understand exactly what I’m talking about, let’s get to it.  First, the need to be kind (without planning it) for some is apparent, while for others it might hesitantly sneak out after much deliberation…I said might.  Which one are you?  Which one am I?  We have to ask ourselves daily what this universal act of humane connection means to us.  When was the last time you did something for someone and received nothing in return?

Sympathy and Empathy

There are two things prerequisite to random acts of kindness:  Sympathy and empathy.  Depending on how sensitive you are to the plight of others, you’ll feel one or the other or both.  Sympathy is really the slighter emotion that most people experience when they see someone go through a crisis or tragedy.  Empathy takes it a step further by helping you employ the emotions that person is having.  You might be naturally empathic or it could be that you experienced something similar and truly can relate to another’s situation.  Either way, when you use these feelings you are more likely to act with kindness.

Kindness: A Key to Your Success

Truth be told, when you act with love and concern, you see those gestures return to you – not that you did them with an agenda.  It’s a spiritual law that  is at work whether we believe or not.  I’ve worked this one out for myself.   When I’ve felt lonely and in need of some kindness, I realized that I wasn’t giving out much to those around me.  When I started shelling out the goods, they came back to me in abundance.  Try it; you’ll love it!  Be well-be beautiful.

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  1. A sweet post for Feb! A little kindness can go a very long way!

  2. I like to believe that I behave in this way frequently, but I don’t make mental notes when I do. I have to watch out though, because I’m the type of person that once I’m involved I’ll give you the shirt off my back in order to help.

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