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Product Packaging is Important

Want to know the worst type of packaging for anti-aging ingredients? Jars! This is because ingredients such as vitamins C and A, which are antioxidants, are very unstable when exposed to oxygen and light. The same goes for enzymes such as COQ10 and those derived from pumpkin, papaya, and many others.

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Why Do I Need to Exfoliate My Skin?

Certainly, we have all heard about exfoliating, right? It's that process we should be incorporating into our skin care regime that keeps the skin on our faces, and our bodies, fresh and glowing. In my experience as a facialist, I found that most clients skipped this essential step.

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Here I am again with more skin care info for you! Today, I want to talk about Elastin. And no, it's not the stuff that keeps your swimsuit snug on your hips!But it does have a similar property. Elastin has 'snap back' to it, like your swimsuit, or like a rubber band. Elastin keeps the skin tight. Elastin keeps the skin flexible. If there is enough elastin in your skin it will retain and return to it's shape after being pulled or stretched.

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How To Avoid Sun Damage To Your Skin

The Whole Picture Have you ever noticed a beautiful woman whose face glows as someone much younger? Then you look at her neck and hands…not so much glowing going on there. The truth is these two areas, among others, will give away your true age faster than your taste in music!

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