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Product Packaging is Important

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By Jeffrie Ann Hall (Esthetician)

Have you ever put much thought into what type of packaging your skin care comes in? I bet not, most of my facial clients and friends hadn’t until I got them straightened out! Why wouldn’t you just trust that a company is providing the proper package, right? Here’s the thing, they are going to use the packaging that is the most cost effective for THEM! And that isn’t always going to be the best thing for you as the consumer.

Packaging Flaws

You need to be aware that certain types of ingredients in your products need to be protected from air (oxygen) and light. Products that contain certain anti-aging ingredients can be greatly and very quickly compromised by the lack of proper packaging. If your product is simply a basic moisturizer, not containing specific anti-aging ingredients than you are OK, but only if your fingers are very clean when you dip into it, which they would be if you just cleansed your face.

Want to know the worst type of packaging for anti-aging ingredients? Jars! This is because ingredients such as vitamins C and A, which are antioxidants, are very unstable when exposed to oxygen and light. The same goes for enzymes such as COQ10 and those derived from pumpkin, papaya, and many others.

Anti-aging ingredients lose stability in a matter of a couple weeks when packaged in jars because every time you open that jar, your wonderful anti-aging ingredients get a dose of oxygen and light.

What does that mean for your skin?

It means that those ingredients cost you a lot of money but offer no real benefit after just a very short time. Now you have a product that no longer has the same level of efficacy, and you are not receiving the intended benefits of those delicate and costly ingredients.  What you are left with is an expensive moisturizer, cleanser, or serum with no anti-aging benefit. You can keep your skin hydrated much less expensively with a plain moisturizer.

So, here is what I suggest if you do want those anti-aging ingredients, and you want them to remain stable and efficient all the way down to the last tiny drop. Look for products that are packaged in tubes and pump bottles. Your products will retain all the potency you need and paid for when packaged in these – no exposure to oxygen, light, or bacteria either! They will remain as fresh and effective as the day you bought them. This is an absolute fact.

If you pay attention, you will find that skin care lines that are produced by companies backed by medical research are more often than not packaged in the manner that will preserve and protect the integrity and effectiveness of the active anti-aging ingredients.

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  1. Kellie,
    As always, I love the information you share! such great tips. A side note that’s kind of off-topic, but I’ve been careful about my food storage lately too. Glass containers whenever I can, instead of plastic. Have a beautiful day!

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