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Self, Actually

I want to talk to you about us...you, me, our neighbors, our enemies, sisters, brothers, bosses, children, parents. Yes, us and each and every person we come in contact with. But, it starts with you and me and how we acknowledge ourselves. Like lovers acknowledging their love, we must find a way to discover, embrace, and care for ourselves.

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A New You In 31 Days!

So, I committed to a 31 day blogging challenge for the month of March. If you have a blog or website, you know how difficult it can be to post every single day. After all, life does go on in the brick & mortar world. Yesterday I posted an important article and review on The Emotion Code book and healing technique as the kick off to my challenge. If you haven't already, please read this poignant post Deep Healing You Can Do Today. More importantly, I want this month to be one of change for us all. It is a spring of sort, a new beginning and opportunity to blossom.

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You Have Great Worth!

I mentioned in my last article, The Gift of You, that you are more precious than silver and gold. At the end of that article, I left you with the question: "How do you measure your worth?". So, here that question is again. How do you measure YOUR worth? How do you measure anyone's worth? We hear and read love quotes about how someone is priceless or what he or she does cannot be measured on an earthly scale. The Jerry McGuire quote is a great one: "You complete me." Magazines and other media sources give unrealistic guidelines, nearly impossible to follow, let alone keep a ritualistic account of our everyday lives. Too many try to follow those media ideals of the "IN" way to do things and who we should "BE" and end up portraying someone other than themselves.

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Decorate Your Life

I thought about how our lives can get lackluster and boring if we don’t express our true selves. What if we could just “decorate” our lives like we do our homes for the holidays? I believe it’s possible. The key is discovering your unique style of self-expression.

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Your Freedom From Ego And Fear…

I awakened the other morning and was confronted with an idea, a spark, a concept and really, an inner awakening. We, as humans, invest a large amount of time avoiding fear, requesting safety at every turn and ensuring we are stepping on sure footing. We make decisions not to go sky-diving or abseiling, horse-riding or snow-skiing because we have fears; fears of heights, fears of dark alleys, fears of creepy crawlies. My "awakening" came in the form of realizing that we sabotage ourselves every day, blindly allowing fear to invade and infiltrate our happiness and joy. You know why? Because we give permission for our ego to reign with the same fear we avoid in the physical world.

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