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A New You In 31 Days!

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So, I committed to a 31 day blogging challenge for the month of March. If you have a blog or website, you know how difficult it can be to post every single day. After all, life does go on in the brick & mortar world. Yesterday I posted an important article and review on The Emotion Code book and healing technique as the kick off to my challenge. If you haven’t already, please read this poignant post Deep Healing You Can Do Today. More importantly, I want this month to be one of change for us all. It is a spring of sort, a new beginning and opportunity to blossom.

From analyzing some of the posts on social media and blogs, it seems many of you have experienced a rough time as of late. Whether it’s the extreme winter conditions, breakups, health issues, or simply lack of motivation, women around the world are ready for change and that coveted renewal of hope and joy. This month on Women’s LifeLink will be an opportunity for you to discover and reconnect to your authentic self and move forward toward your dreams.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? 

Depending on who you are and what your life model is, this answer will vary. I hope you can be honest with yourself and choose something that brings clarity to who you are and how you participate in life. Though changing a big nose or wrinkled face might make you feel better about your appearance, I would like you to focus this question on more inner aspects of yourself; such as, overcoming negative beliefs and fears, health (physical, emotional, and mental), spiritual endeavors, forgiveness, etc. I’m asking you this question, and I’m also asking myself.

The thing I would change about myself is my ability to consistently have confidence in myself. There are times when I feel defeated and unable to perform effectively as a parent, woman, coach, and wife. And there are times when I feel like I could do anything, be anything, and reach every dream I’ve imagined. I suspect that many of you go through a similar battle with life itself, trying to identify the IT thing that will make it all OK. I believe together women can help each other be confident and reach those elusive goals. If we are all honest with ourselves and each other, we will admit that life sucks sometimes, and we are left in the dust of our plans and effort. Let’s move past these self-proclaimed failures and make the change necessary to be who we are meant to be in this life. What do you say, Ladies? Are you in? The following steps will get you started.

There will also be a special prize for one lucky participant at the end of the month. It’s a surprise, but I assure you, it’s a really good one!

Inner Light by WhiteBook1. Focus on the one thing you want to change. Think about what life would be like if you accomplished that change. How would you feel? How would others feel? What new things would you be able to do? What other change might it bring about?

2. Now, write down all that you’ve discovered about your “change.”

3. Create a plan that includes small, achievable goals that you can reach over the next 30 days.

4. I encourage you to post your goal and progress here in the comments so others can encourage and give insight on your specific needs. I will do the same.

5. Also, please share this link with your tribe, social media, friends, and relatives. I want this to reach as many as possible this month as a part of my 31 day challenge to be more effective as an online presence.

6. Make sure to follow along for the month of March through Facebook, Twitter, RSS feed, and sign up for our email community in the right sidebar. The more participation, the more support you will receive for your goal and the better chance you have to win the prize!

About Kellie R. Stone

"I make no excuses for my diverse roles as a Rock Your Feminine Type Coach™ and Branding Expert, best-selling author, and crime thriller novelist. Yes, I do still chuckle a bit at the irony. I kick ass as a women’s biz coach by day and kill off vulnerable fiction characters at night. What the hell, it makes for some interesting dreams. I believe that everyone should pursue their passions no matter how out there they seem to be. One of those pure heart-fluttering passions for me has always been writing. Since I did, indeed, chase my dream of being a writer, I've published two non-fiction books in the self-development genre, co-authored an international best seller, and now I'm finally pushing my much-too-old-to-be-in-the-nest novel out the door and into the world. My whole world is empowering and I adore showing others how to live life unfiltered, whether I do that through the written word or my coaching work. I love my job!" ~Kellie R. Stone

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  1. Kellie, I honor your 31 day challenge. Wow! You go girl 🙂 when I read your blog post this one word just popped into my head – consistency. Not up and down, and roller coaster ride, but beautiful consistency. Steadiness, stability, safety, and security. Within myself. For the next 31 days and always in my life. Beautiful balance and soaking up the I am good enough. I am more than good enough. Now and every single day! Blessed be.

  2. Hmm…. I really wanted to comment on Angels’s comment above, but her name wasn’t highlighted. I watched a 90 minute documentary about the killer that has increased heart disease, crone’s disease, diabetes, candida, fatigue, and on and on and on…. That killer? Sugar.

  3. I also started a challenge this month. After months of being very sick, I have been diagnosed with Gastroduodenal Crohn’s disease, a chronic condition that affects around 6% of the population. I was feeling defeated, and needed a change. I remembered that people admire my strength and I would like to learn to admire myself as well.
    I started the Spartan challenge, 30 squats a day for 30 days, which gets me feeling motivated and good about myself. I have a goal to write at least 2 articles a month for WLL, and get back to feeling positive about life.
    Big changes…. what is the saying… March comes in like a Lion? 🙂
    Hear me ROAR! xo

    • It’s so cool how the universe brings things and people to our lives that help us move forward. Your goals are awesome and I know you will be successful! Let us know how you are doing throughout the month by posting on any of the comment threads or you can just do a post about it too. Glad to have you here! Big hug!

  4. One thing to remember as you take steps toward you goal — whatever it may be — is to take a moment to celebrate each step forward that you take. We learned to walk because our parents celebrated each attempt we made, not because they were disappointed we didn’t make it across the room in the first try. Treat yourself the same way you do a child learning to walk and you’ll find it’s easier to step out of your comfort zone and reach those goals.

    Glad you joined the Blogging Challenge!

    • Hi Lesa! You are so right about celebrating victories. Thanks for josting such a wonderful challenge. It reallu motivated me to get back to doing what I love thw most- writing to help others.

  5. Kellie, I’m to excited to discover you, through the 31 Day Blogging Challenge. And to challenge your readers to re-create themselves in 31 days is nothing short of brilliant. My coaching journey and style are a great deal like yours, and I instantly bonded with you and your story.

  6. I agree with you, women everywhere are rising up and daring to become “more”! Your idea of baby steps makes it seem viable, to change just “one thing” and so I’m going to dare myself to change one thing, this week:

    I procrastinate horribly in writing my own memoir and have not been able to get past the first chapter, because nothing seems to be a good beginning. Perfection is the obstacle. So I will commit here, to take a baby step. 2000 words, by end of tomorrow… without judgment.

    It’s more fun to overcome obstacles when you do with with others who are moving forward in the same direction! Thanks, Kellie!

    • I’m so thrilled you have joined us on this journey. I’ve always believed that dreams are reached by living each moment fully and respectfully. Small steps seem to be less scary.

      As a writer, I sometimes do the same thing when starting projects. I also have a fear of finishing them sometimes. It’s a hesitation to coming to a place where I will face criticism. Do you think that may be your issue with starting?

      Do you do free writing pages? I think the process of letting go of thoughts and feelings with no noundaries is inspiring. You might also benefit from my short book Are You out of Your Freakin’ Mind? Break mental barriers and live from your sacred creative space. Link is under journey to purpose coaching in top nav bar. Looking forward to getting to know you.

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